Sunday, December 4, 2016

update to makeup use-up challenge.

hello human world. i realize now that i had completely forgotten about updating my makeup use-up challenge here on my blog. which is normal. i am a forgetful sod. forgive me. but fear not, i have been very (read: kinda) diligent with using up, panning and destashing my current makeup stuff so that i am closer towards achieving a well-loved collection. 

it's been a long journey, and man it's kind of exhausting to actively try to use stuff up. some days i think to myself, is this torture worth it? then i realize how #firstworldproblem this is and how much of an idiot i am and all is well. 

to be honest, i didn't follow the rules that i had first set up for myself in my previous post. here's a breakdown of what happened:
  1. duration of low-buy: 1 may 2016 to 31st july 2016. REALITY: i did actually go on a low-buy for a while, but i of course broke it. it was horrible, tears were shed. this was an epic EPIC fail. 
  2. budget of RM100 per month for makeup. REALITY: nope nope nope. in the beginning it was fantastic, i didn't buy much apart from some stuff here and there, but as time went on my itch for buying makeup increased, and i relapsed. i'm hoping it'll be better for next year (2017) as i can only improve from here onwards right? right? 
  3. the money allocated towards a particular month, if unspent, can be carried forward to the next month. REALITY: NOPE.
  4. impulse purchases are not allowed! REALITY: i have been loads better with my purchases. most of them are carefully researched, some impulse purchases still happened but they're all drugstore. 
  5. i am allowed to destash items that are in my makeup use-up challenge provided that i've made a lot of effort to try and make them work. REALITY: yes to this! omg i had so many shit that i hated but still tried to make them work for me. that bareminerals foundation? tossed it!
  6. i need to use up at least 20 items from my makeup use-up list. i can add items into the use-up list, but i cannot take an item out of the list. REALITY: hooo boy, this is where i excelled. you won't believe this. i actually used up/panned/destashed 37 products from my collection! amazing! fantastic! woo back pat! some stuff i thought i'd use up are still goin' strong, like the stila setting powder. sometimes i hit ninja pan, where i didn't anticipate hitting pan so early, like my stila eyeshadow in sunset and a topshop cream blush. overall i am super proud of myself, and i'm still trying to use up some stuff so i hit the 40 mark. go me! 
lemme break it down further mmkay?
face primers
- make up forever hd primer - green (old packaging) destashed 
- laura mercier hydrating primer  destashed
- benefit porefessional primer (deluxe size) 
- benefit that gal primer (deluxe size) finished

so...i used up only 1 of my 4 allotted primers, and i destashed the other 2. the mufe green primer does nothing for me, doesn't control oil or anything. even the green doesn't help with some redness that i have due to spots. and it's got a really perfumey scent which worried me, so out it went. the laura mercier primer was actually great when i had drier skin, it's like a moisturiser really. smelt kinda funny from the start but still good. destashed because i have combo oily skin now so what do i need a hydrating primer for right? the benefit porefessional is sooooo close to being done! i know i'll finish it by this year! the that gal primer sucked for me. made my skin look ashy and did nothing. smelled nice though. 

face bases
bare minerals ready foundation - r250 destashed
revlon new complexion foundation - 05 medium beige panned!
laura mercier tinted moisturiser - natural destashed
too faced air-buffed bb creme - cream glow destashed
collection lasting perfection concealer - 3 medium 
nyx above and beyond full coverage concealer - yellow destashed
marc jacobs re(marc)able concealer - 4 glow finished
mac prep + prime highlighter - light boost 
mac studio finish concealer spf 35 - nw30 panned!
stila hydrating finishing powder
bourjois healthy balance powder

skin atelier ultra foundation - 5 sepia 
loreal true match - g3 golden beige
innisfree long wear cushion - 31 sand beige finished
mac strobe cream sample
urban decay 24/7 concealer pencil - atf  finished

sadly, a lot of the stuff in this section were destashes. some of them just cannot work for me no matter how hard i tried, so out they went. there was also a tiny bit of the marc jacobs concealer left but it started going bad and i had used up like 95% at the time so kira finish la tu. i just recently hit pan on the mac studio finish concealer, and maaaan that thing lasts me a lifetime! maybe it's because i just use it for under eye correcting but damn, value for money la tu. the collection concealer is halfway done, it's a bit cakey so i only use it on spots. mac prep and prime also noticeably lighter but i can't measure progress due to the opaque packaging. bourjois powder memang pakai like once or twice je, because that damned stila powder tak habis2! like, it's so frustrating! i can't use it for baking cos it turns orange on me but it doesn't control oil well and i feel like tossing it but i am so close i shall persevere.

i also added in some products...y'know, cos i tossed out products. i finished up the innisfree cushion (have another backup opened already) and the urban decay concealer. the mac strobe cream is so kecik but i can't use a lot cos i don't wanna look oily. both the skin atelier and loreal foundations have a long way to go. :(

blush / bronzer / highlighter
loving minerals blush - wild rose (sample size) finished
loving minerals blush - terracotta (sample size) finished
topshop cream blush - neon rose panned!
loving minerals blush - apricot (sample size) destashed
elf matte bronzer destashed
mac mineralize skinfinish natural - medium deep big ol' pan!
topshop skin glow - dark destashed

benefit sun beam (deluxe size) finished

i finished a few sample sized blushes! yay me? only apricot destashed cos that one couldn't be used as a blush or highlight on my skintone. panned my cream blush, especially happy about that one hehe. i also destashed the elf bronzer even though i really liked it as a contour colour because it was so old and i had other newer ones that i was neglecting. i did hit major pan with that one though, so it was money well-spent. topshop skin glow destashed because i wear sunscreen religiously nowadays so that became to dark for me as a highlighter and it didn't mix well with other stuff. 

eyeshadows (cream and powder)
the balm batter up cream eyeshadow - grand slam pam panned! 
maybelline colour tattoo - inked in pink
stila eyeshadow - sunset (from the in the light palette) panned! 
nyx nude matte shadow - blame it on midnight

maybelline colour tattoo - tough as taupe destashed
stila eyeshadow - kitten (from the in the light palette) 

panned one cream and one powder eyeshadow. fear my perseverence now humans! haha. i don't use a lot of eyeshadows nowadays because i've been all about the lips, so it's nice to use some stuff up and appreciate them more. the cream eyeshadow from the balm is drying out so i might toss that at the end of the year after i've used up as much as i can. 

i also have learned that i don't enjoy the maybelline colour tattoos as much as other people on the interwebz do. they tend to dry out so quickly, my mac ones are eons old and still perform better than those. meh. not gonna buy those anymore. stila kitten is very pretty but much too light for my skintone to be seen as natural, i use it as a highlighter usually so very little needs to be used. there is a small dip though. the nyx shadow jarang pakai, dunno why, it's great quality and almost my skintone but selalu lupe pakai. :p

bourjois contour clubbing waterproof - bleu neon 
bare minerals round the clock waterproof eyeliner - 7pm 
estee lauder artist's eye pencil - 08 slate writer  destashed
nyx slide on eyeliner - esmeralda finished
laura mercier eye pencil - black extreme  finished
topshop waterproof eyeliner - burnished  finished
inglot precision eyeliner - 40 
bourjois duochrome eyeliner - 59 violet rose 
d'herbs celak arab finished

four eyeliners. i used up four eyeliners! woo me! i hate the bare minerals eyeliner, it is a gorgeous reddish brown shade but way too soft and smudges everywhere then sets like a mofo. i have to use it with my inglot duraline as an eyeshadow base just for it to work. meh, typing this down makes me feel like i should toss that one out at the end of this year cos it takes too much effort to work with. 2 coloured liners not used cos i've realised, coloured eyeliners just aren't my thing anymore. heck i think eyeliner may not be my thing anymore. *gasp* i know right? am i adulting right now? am i growing old??? 

pupa diva's rouge lipstick - rossetto destashed
julie hewett cheekie cheek and lip shine - peachie panned!
benefit cha cha tint (deluxe size) finished
the balm stainiac - beauty queen finished 
clinique chubby stick - whole lotta honey finished
elianto hydro lipstick - turf tan destashed
clinique chubby stick intense - broadest berry
guerlain kiss kiss lipgloss - 462 violine 

benefit posie tint (deluxe size) finished
fresh rose lipbalm finished
nyx butter lipstick - hunk destashed
catrice ultimate colour 340 berry bradshaw  destashed
clinique chubby stick - mightiest mimosa 
clinique chubby stick intense - broadest berry 
sephora nano lipliner in beau bordeaux finished
silkygirl lipliner in nude destashed
silkygirl lipliner in mauve destashed
guerlain kiss kiss lipgloss - 462 violine 
maybelline colorsensational - crazy for coffee destashed

wow, take a look at these lipsticks. i added in so much more stuff that i had destashed because they were super old and i couldn't use anymore. i had also forgotten to include lipliners, and the sephora lipliners (and their sharpeners) have been discontinued and they don't fit into the usual sharpeners so i have been trying to use up more of those. the silkygirl lipliners are actually good quality but were super duper old. might repurchase one day, but i've honesly bought soooo many new lipliners that it's not funny. i also used up a lot of lipstains. i think lipstains are my fave. i've lost some interest in buying lipsticks now that i've realized how hard it is to use them up, but lipstains are ace. i...may or may not feel like buying more in the future. even though i have a shedload of lipstuff nowadays. like, 82 lip products? heeee... 

so that's it! that's my progress all tossed into one update. i will hopefully update again at the end of the year with the final tally of shit that i've used up. i'm gonna really push myself to reach 40 products, it's not impossible cos i have a lot of stuff nearly used up so i'm cautiously optimistic? i might even include pictures in the next update if i'm feeling super rajin! haha laters!

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