Saturday, April 16, 2011

trip to the dentist aka hell.

gah. it's been a while since i've posted, and while i don't think anyone reads the crap i write in here, i do love writing and posting up random thoughts in here. i like blogging because it's liberating, you know? there's something about storing your memories away in a journal, or blog, or just a plain diary that releases stress in a whole different way than say, talking to a friend.

aaaaaanyways, rambling off. it's been a tiring week i think. lots of work to do and the bosses hovering behind our backs. i do not think that i will ever enjoy being a quantity surveyor, because ít's bland and repetitive and it's not very creative, but hopefully i can get used to it one day and just learn to appreciate what god's given me.

one huge thing that has happened to me is that i went to the dentist last week, due to an aching tooth which made my teeth throb like mad. turns out, going to the dentist was the worst. decision. ever. i had to endure 2 bloody hours of pain, because i could still feel pain even when the dentist injected me with anesthetics twice. my tooth had to be extracted but it was difficult because the tooth actually broke into two parts so it was actually like pulling 2 teeth out.

it was so painful i came back home and immediately had a fever, i'm so ashamed lol. i also have 2 ulcers which bled like crazy this whole week and was throbbing like a mofo so i tried gargling with water with salt in it but that didn't work, so i put salt directly onto the ulcers but that only succeeded in making me cry and punch the wall and the pain still didn't go away. (i also felt pain while i was on the painkillers that the dentist gave me, what's up with that?) so finally i bought some gel thingy for the ulcers which helped for like half an hour before it started to hurt again and so i took the final step and gargled with listerine too. 

oh my god. gargling with listerine when you have ulcers that bleed is extremely painful. i admit, i also cried like a mofo. but at least it numbed the damned things. good for me. (randomly, the whole surgery cost me like nearly 300 hundred bucks. yes and it was a surgery. my gums were cut, apparently. no wonder la sakiiiiiiiitttt. i just found out today when i went for my check-up. even pain isn't for free nowadays, sheesh.)

however, i'm just glad i didn't end up like david did after he went to the dentist.

hahaha this is hilarious. i wanna have a kid like this one day, lolz.

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