Wednesday, June 8, 2011

you and me baby, we're stuck like glue.

sometimes, when you really don't wanna do something, that's when you have to do it the most.

you know the current situation isn't helping at all. you know you'll end up losing more than you gained in some ways. you know you'll be miserable, pissed off, tired and depressed.

so why the hell are you still working there anis?

well, it's simple. i like the people there. my office is quite awesome compared to the horror stories i've heard about officemates from friends and family members. i like hanging out with them, and i'm comfortable with them. some of you might think that comfort doesn't matter when it comes to a job, but i beg to differ. i don't like working in stressful situations. i don't like awkward silences and have always tried to fill them up in stupid ways in the past. i don't like an office where you're expected to work work work and can't mix in your personal life in there as well.

well guess what? if you work a 9-5 job (or whatever long hours you're working) then your job IS your personal life too. they're intertwined. you gotta find a way to make yourself happy somehow, right? i think if i were to work in a really boring, serious environment i would explode from all the pent up stress and tension. i'm like that. can't mind my own business.

aaaanyways, there ends my boring rant on work life. it sucks, by the way. not my rant, working life. i'm just wishing for a day when what i'm passionate about becomes my work. but until then...

things on my mind today?

1) i bought the withcer 2 last week. hell yah! *fist pump* my brother installed and played it first though, because i tend to get a tad obsessed with playing games when i'm really into it so i'll have to find some spare time before i can play. my brother tells me that ít's a bit of a letdown though, because the first witcher was so awesome that it just doesn't compare. :(

will try it for myself though..still a bit excited to be quite honest. randomly, i become a bit of an idiot when i play games because i am scared to death that the character i'm playing will die. :\ this is humiliating, but everytime i play left 4 dead, when a hoard of zombies attack i will freak out and pause the game 1st before i can really attack. bit of a wuss really ha ha. fun though! *shitfaced grin*

p/s: i really hate geralt's voice in this new witcher. it doesn't suit him at all. the voice sounds like a dude who smokes pot, eats a lot of hot dogs and dates cheerleaders, but the great geralt of rivia needs the voice of someone who inhales the smoke of burning houses that he set on fire, feeds on the souls of evil men and has casual flings with various effeminate looking creatures after he's just saved them from a ghoul...or something.

geralt needs the voice of chuck norris. boo-yah.

2) june is no shopping month. i imposed a shopping ban upon myself because i can't stand the thought of me being addicted to another unhealthy thing hah. but it's been really, and i mean reaaaaally tough. went out with friends last weekday and saw that sasa is having this huge sale on cosmetics. the pain of not being able to shop offline and online is making me grumpeh.

but alas, i am a disciplined, serious, focused person. i will get through this.

3) i'm already making a list of things to buy in july. HAHAHAHAHA.

4) i'm sort of having this old school music phase right now. i keep listening to modern covers of old songs, ie heard it through the grapevine which was originally from marvin gaye, some of the beatles, a bit of rhcp thrown in there and a lot of glee covers. yeah i'm kinda embarassed about that too haha.

really sleepy now. this was kind of a pointless update nyech.


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