Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sindrom gamer tegar.

ha, that's probably the first malay blog title i've ever written? strange, i'm malay, tapi tak mau cakap melayu lol.

it's not that i don't like writing in malay, it's just that when i'm really serious with myself, i think in english. does that make sense?

probably not. but so what if i don't write in malay? i love my language all the same, but english is just more universal and easier to understand. sometimes when i speak in malay the message just doesn't get across.

lagipun...(lol that's anyway in malay la kan?) i've been looking at some gaming videos on youtube at random because they're just hilarious (i love nerds)..and it kind of made me reminisce about the good ol' days when i actually had time to play computer games.

once you start working, you can't have the luxury of wasted time anymore. after some detailed qs-like calculation, it's been determined that 42% of my time is spent at the office, 25% sleeping, and the other 33% is probably spent eating and trying not to fall asleep after being at the office for so frickin' long. yeesh, just think of all the time i've wasted doing work!

well, whatever. i'm in the process of installing the witcher 2 and i am so excited, ooh yeah! when i was at digital mall buying the cd, one of the people at the cd stall was this young amoi, who looked at me in wonder and said, "you mau main ka game ni? ingatkan lelaki saja yang suka main game macam ni mah." at that comment, i just smirked and walked away.

no la, actually i grinned and said, "ya la, game ni best tau. u cuba main tengok!" and then proceeded to look very proud of myself even though i actually lack the courage and common sense it takes to play pc games.

but it's all good. i can impress the ladies and the dudes now. lol.

you know what? it's funny, but all of my favourite games are actually really old games. the witcher was released a few years back, unreal tournament was released in what, 2007? counter-strike toksah cakap la, it's old school as hell but still ranks pretty high in my list of all time favourite games ever. i think those are pretty much the games that i'm really into. left 4 dead is awesome but i keep freaking out and jumping out of my chair everytime a swarm of zombies come. i'm chicken, i admit.

and i also like eating chicken. ohhh yeah.

mmm...chicken. (credit to

ha. okay random. kamon witcher, what's taking ya so long?

before i go, here's a picture of something funneh. because that's just how i roll.'s as cool as the wind in your hair.

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