Thursday, October 24, 2013

let's do a random tag cos i'm bored heck yeah.

i'm bored. let's just throw that out there. i'm bored and i spent the majority of today in my baju kelawar, doing random things on the internet and managing to annoy the feck out of my cat by just existing. good times.

and by doing random things on the internet, i do mean online shopping. OF COURSE. everyone knows that. heh. i got a msg from today cos they had a flash sale for halloween (30% off yo!) and even though i had just bought stuff from them like, literally a few days earlier i felt that i wanted, nay, i NEEDED to get some more stuff. suddenly my lips were super chapped and dry and i needed a new lip balm (well to be fair my ole trusty shea butter lip balm dah nak habis) and i needed new makeup brushes and god, so many other stuff. 

i admit. i have a shopping problem. and a makeup problem. and a tendency to be poor problem.

aaaanyways, since i've been so immersed in makeup-dom today, i felt like i wanted to do a random beauty tag. i've watched a few of these on youtube and they seemed like fun, and made me wonder about what my answers would be. i mean, since my makeup collection has gone from nothing to a whole drawer unit in just a few years i think it's safe to say that i have a lot of makeup like to waste money have no life my answers would be quite interesting?

so...yeah, this is called the beauty junkie tag? people do this on youtube i think, not really in blogs, but who the hell cares? it's my blog it's not like people read this anyways lolz.

1. Favourite makeup items.
i've got a few, honestly. my 3 loves are probably eyeliner, cream eyeshadows and blushes. 
but i do amass a high number of other makeup items too so...yeah, everything i guess?

2. Favourite high-end and drugstore brands.
high-end: i have quite some products from thebalm (they're considered high-end right?), benefit and mac. 
drugstore: sleek makeup and nyx.

3. What products would you buy even if they were expensive?
cheek products! cos the good quality ones last longer and apply better really. and eyeliners cos 
that shit is the bee's knees. and foundation, cos it makes your face look like it's in one colour lol.

What products would you not buy even if they were cheap?
lipgloss. cos to me they be sticky and gloopy and i'm not a fan of shiny shiny lips really. but other people pull it off really well. and eyebrow stuff. cos i got me some thick eyebrows already.

How many makeup products do you have?
a lot. an ikea helmer a lot. like, 'i-am-obsessed-but-i-cannot-stop-help-me-please' kind of a lot. well, not really but i've got way more than what i need surely.

Did you purchase all of your makeup?
90% of them, yes. the other 10% are gifts from family members.

What's your favourite makeup season?
hot and humid season? lol well if malaysia had four seasons it'd probably be summer (cos of the hot bronze goddess looks) and autumn (cos of the smokey eyes and the orangey-red colours). 

Any makeup tips?
er...when applying mascara, wipe off the excess on the wand first before applying cos it'll prevent clumping? oh! and i personally believe in pairing my contour with a natural looking blush so i look extra chiselled and thinner hah.

Do you love wearing lipgloss?

Why not?
like i said, it's shiny. and doesn't really look natural. and has a tendency to goop around the mouth if you're not careful, making you look like you just drooled all over your face. in public.

What is the makeup step that you neglect the most?
brows? i don't do it at all really.

When did you first start wearing makeup?
when i was...maybe in my 20's? i was in uni already at any rate. i used to wear black eyeliner just on the bottom lashes. tried the look out the other day, really weird and unattractive haha.

Do you wear makeup to school?
nope. i was too busy being a kid and watching cartoons and not caring about how i looked. 
oh how i've missed those days. 

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
deep cleansing maybe once a month? spot cleaning once a week i guess.
ain't nobody got time for that!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?
i use a makeup brush cleaner for spot cleaning, spray that stuff onto the brush and swipe away!
for deep cleaning i use baby shampoo/dove beauty bar soap/beauty blender cleanser.

Do you wear makeup every single day?
i spend like 60% of my time at home, but when i go out i usually will wear makeup, cos my skin's not at it's best at the moment will all the splotchy redness and the weird acne and patchy flaky skin. sigh. 

If you could create one makeup item, what would it be and why? 
a natural, russet slash terracotta coloured blush with pink undertones. because even if it sounds like a boring and common colour, in reality it's so hard to find cheaper brands that make colours like that! i want something that looks like burberry's russet.

What is the most makeup items you own?
i got blushes in all colours and finishes and i love every single one of them! *blush fiend*

What is the least makeup items you own?
i surprisingly do own a lot of lipglosses even though i don't really like them. weird. but...i have no eyebrow products at all.

Describe your makeup routine in 3 words.
time-consuming. fun. natural-ish. hahahaha.

and that's it! woot! :D i love makeup, i really do. for all my t-shirt wearing and military boots rocking, i really enjoy the process of applying my warpaint and like, enhancing what i already have. it's fun, like an art experiment. you get the same canvas but different colours and mediums, and you get to create different artworks. it makes me feel like i put an active effort into making myself look presentable to the world.

i'm not a bit past my whole evil eyes look that i've been loving so much the past few months. i'm currently interested in the whole natural or 'no makeup' look. why? well, it's easy to apply makeup and make it visible to the whole world, but to apply makeup and not make it visible? that's hard yo. it's like optical illusions and shit haha.

probably took like 10 products to achieve this look.
i like the whole look of a tanned face with full natural looking lashes. this is the kind of look where some people think you're naturally better looking than you really are. i like!

ooh pretty makeup.
ooh exotic looking. 
emma watson always wears natural makeup. and she's the brightest witch of her age, so she knows what she's doing y'all.

i have a girl crush on her. even rocks have girl crushes on her.
aaaand that's it!

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