Tuesday, October 8, 2013

i survived today solely on cookies, tea and cat fluff.

"it's silly wrong, but vivid right"

yayzles for the new header that i made today! woo! it sucks that i've just noticed that the size was supposed to be 800 by 400 instead of 650 by 400 but...meh. i'll try to make it work.

(tbh i don't think i'll be able to sleep if i don't edit it, but let's pretend that i'm normal.)
(oops never mind that.)

isn't it just beautiful though? i really like it. it's my small tribute to merlin, a sign of respect for a warlock who was always there to save arthur and camelot but never really got the gratitude and thanks that he deserved. and the thought of him grieving and waiting for his friend after all those years..well let's just say i'm a sucker for sad things. i like to depress myself, apparently.

the words on the header is from the great dragon (kilgharrah) and is possibly my favourite quote from the series. i think it would have been something that arthur and merlin's friends would think about him, and as a (new) fan i'm grateful i decided to give the series a chance because i would have really missed out on something good. ♥

you're probably wondering, am i for real? well, yeah. i am. i am sort of maybe not but kind of am an obsessive person. i'm never obsessive about good things like work or exercising, but instead prefer to waste my life away on fictional characters and random inconsequential things that no one cares about. i am fantastic like that.

or as we say it, haters gonna hate.
i spent the whole of today editing images in photoshop and imageready. so now i have a bunch of awesome (in my humblest opinion) gifs and headers for my blog and facebook to show off. really happy with them and how they turned out even though they're obviously not that great, but hey the effort counts! i've obviously (try saying that like sherlock) made the stuff on things that i'm obsessed with at the moment which are sherlock and merlin. cos that's just how i do (say that like zefrank).

so here's the first one i made! it makes me feel happy and reminds me that good friends are always there for each other, good times or bad. :)

i worked all day to make these stuff, so it's probably safer if i watermarked them but...meh, i want the world to share the joy as long as people don't claim it as their own. i'm only human, i want to feel appreciated too.

i actually haven't been photoshopping in a long time. sometimes i open up photoshop (mine is cs2, i seriously need to update bah) and try to churn out some stuff but nothing comes out. i mean, these new ones aren't groundbreaking obviously (just try saying it like sherlock, please?) and they have that same, er...feel that all my edits have but it's been a while that i've liked something i made myself. next step is to create something new from scratch. chaiyok!

i'm also gonna put my sherlock poster at the sidebar. COS I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES. (i'm thinking of printing this design onto a t-shirt. i also have a few other designs that i made on doctor who. problem? i don't know where to find iron on transfer paper. sedih. i would've worn them with pride.)

randomly, there's this random quote from cow and chicken that i say all the time. dunno why but i remember cow saying "oye donde esta el bano" or something to that effect. just thought to google it today and i found out that it meant "where is the toilet?" lolzzzzzz. that cartoon's probably the reason why i'm so weird.

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