Wednesday, June 5, 2013

favourites of the moment and some boba fett lovin'.

i just felt like making a random post on things i am into now, because i can. yeehaw, we shall begin. 
  • favourite dessert
oh my god, i just discovered the most amazing dessert ever. it's sweet and tasty and so delicious. i knew of its existence before but never found it anywhere until today (i found it at bijou).

i introduce to you, banoffee pie.

agh that looks delicious. now i'm hungry. dammit.
it consists mainly of banana, cream, and toffee and the base is this soft, melt-in-your-mouth biscuit base which is oh so tasty. when i took the first ever bite of banoffee pie i thought i had tasted love and happiness and fluffy clouds of greatness and joy. ahhh. *swoons over a cake*

amazingly enough, the first i had ever heard about this cake was from my everlasting love (lolzzz what a fangirl) benedict cumberbatch. he mentioned in an interview for harper's bazaar that he had a sweet tooth, and that banoffee pie was one of his guilty pleasures. 

i totally do.
  • favourite style
i have totally changed my makeup style after i watched star trek into darkness. my favourite eye makeup that i wore everyday used to be this bold cat eyeliner style, which looks somewhat like this:

not as neat though, heh. 
but now i totally dig this style of grungy, smudgy, dark eye makeup:

like this, minus the pretty
i say i changed it after star trek because empire magazine totally had john harisson (ahem you know who) on the cover where he's glaring rather ominously and his eyes are dark and it's totally mysterious and evil and it's honestly the cat's pyjamas. i love it. so naturally i wanted to look mysterious and evil and somewhat demented too, hence the change in style.

sexay evilness woah.
i can tell you though, this really fits in better with my current military slash dirty hobo fashion style because now people really look at me funny on the streets haha. a lot of random people have commented that i am 'ganas', which translates to, well, hardcore or grungy, something like that. (takkan nak cakap violent kot kan haha) i really like it though, it looks badass.

it is quite disturbing-slash-weird that my style hasn't changed yet though. gone are the days where i preferred to dress smart with my shirts and all, or the days when i thought maxi dresses were teh bomb. now i just rock my jeans and tees with my pick of blazers (i have many now) and my doc martens. i'd be sick of my own style if i didn't love it so much. 

(isn't it weird though, how my fashion choices are very manly, yet i love makeup? i always find that so weird and funny.)
  • favourite character
i'm watching star wars the empire strikes back right now, and hot damn, boba fett is awesome. i don't know why i think so, but from the first time i saw his character i thought to myself, "this guy is chill. i shall now adore him." (i don't even know what that means, but hey, that's life)

his helmet. HIS HELMET. it's the bees knees.
yea i think it's the helmet. it looks so worn out and mysterious. ooh. he's a bounty hunter by the way, how cool is that? and he's all like, "he's no good to me dead." you go fett, you go. 
  • favourite bromance
i must have this category, because my life is all about teh bromance. i am 500% more likely to love movies that have bromance elements than normal boring frienship ones. seriously, bromances are so funny and cute.

ahem, anyways, my ultimate all time bromance is of course, sherlock holmes and john watson (or benny and martin). but for this moment though, i am totes loving the bromance between bradley james and colin morgan from merlin. and that's so weird cos i don't even watch merlin! i just randomly saw a clip of them on youtube and thought they were adorable. 

here's said clip:

"take me to glasgow." lolzzzzzz, i died. so much fun. 
  • favourite stranger
my favourite stranger for now is a person called cry (or cryaotic), who has the youtube channel chaoticmonki. he's a gamer and frequently plays with pewdiepie and other awesome people. nobody on the interweb knows what he looks like, and he has got an awesome voice and a really cool batman voice. he sounds like a great guy, very funny, and i love listening to him read creepypasta stories cos he makes 'em sound scarier. all in all, very cool guy.

  • favourite song's you're the voice by john farnham...obviously because of the colin/bradley video. it's a really good song though, very nice power ballad haha. 

aaaand that's it from me! i like posting these things because i can read it back a few years from now and totally think to myself, "what was i thinking?" lol. so blogging's like a nicer version of a diary cos i don't have to physically write stuff down (it gets tiring) and i can attach stuff. yay blogging!

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