Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my dream space.

"feet don't fail me now."

i sometimes get this weird obsession with decorating my room. see, my room in kl right now is quite small and cramped, and it irks me a bit because i've got so much stuff lol. i'm the kind of person appreciates neatness but i gotta say, i do love my clutter . 

i don't like super neat rooms that i always see in youtube videos (you know, like in those room tour videos that beauty gurus always show) because although it looks pretty, to me it feels kind of...impersonal? it sometimes feels a bit bare, like it lacks that certain individual touch. i guess i'm the kind of person who wears my heart on my sleeve and heck, i'd want my room to be the same, you know? to reflect my weird personality.

i used to have this random fantasy when i was younger that i'd live in a studio apartment with a great view overlooking a beach or someplace really beautiful, like in italy or greece you know? so growing up i had this preference over industrial looking designs that looked kind of rough and rustic and lived in. it's got that unfinished, raw look to it which i really like. 

like this.
woah this is a cool design.
ingenious use of an office cabinet. testify!
guh, so pretty. one thing i've noticed about the rooms that i like is that they are very earth toned. lots of browns, blacks, whites and greys. it's cool. i can dig it. i also love rustic things, like trunks and heavy chests and rows of books on the walls. does that make me old?

ooh pretty.
gah! rustic-gasm!

in all seriousness though, i don't think my dinosaur would fit in well with a rustic bedroom theme haha (unless i gave benny a monocle and a top hat? hmm). or the boba fett alarm clock that i've wanted since i saw it in kinokuniya a week or so ago.

doesn't stop me from wanting one.
but this...this! this would fit in like a boss. i'm currently on the hunt for a good quality cool looking clothes rack (for all the blazers and jackets that i've managed to accumulate over the past year) and this fits the bill to a t!

ugh. it's so cool that i can't function.
sigh. i imagine it'd be a few more hundred years 'til i can design my own hobbit hole, so for now i guess all i can do is clean up my own clutter? 


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