Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am a mumbo-jumbo speaking monster of pure win.

I am in Riyadh as we speak. It is around 10 p.m, and I am bored as. I miss my boyfriend and my friends, and I miss the noises the traffic made outside, which never failed to annoy me before but now just makes me nostalgic. I miss watching the movies at Midvalley or Cineleisure, and I miss eating nasik lemak.

Dang. I've just been here a few weeks. It's not that I hate this place, it's quite ok, but it just doesn't feel like home, you know? Home is where I can mess up the room any way I like with my books and colourful Sharpies and mixed CDs and dirty laundry. Home is where I can eat Hello Panda and watch movies with abandon.

Home is where the heart is. Really.

Speaking of movies, I want to watch 17 Again. And Transformers: Revenge blah blah. Is Angels and Demons out already? (Clearly missing the big screen aren't you twat? LOL.)

If you're reading this Asyraf, HELLO! *hugs*

By the way, I am getting fatter. I didn't think it was possible, tapi ibuku memberiku makan terlalu banyak. Hahaha.


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