Sunday, June 13, 2010

listen, hey, will you marry me?

"di sebalik pahit getir kemenangan menanti..."

it's not a big deal, okay?

...but heck, it kind of is. to me anyway.
you don't like me, shadap. go away lah mu.

i've recently been EXERCISING.
(ohmygod i never thought i'd see the word exercise and i in the same sentence lolz)
i've been cycling, and playing with the hula hoop and the huge rubber exercisy ball to er, tone my body.
(exercise lingo, ftw!)
and now...i can wear skinny jeans! YEAHHHHHH! :D

...this isn't a huge deal for all you evil people out there who exercise regularly
and have the body of a starving giraffe, but to me this is huge!
for one, i have always, always been too lazy to exercise. (chessss...)
and i don't like exercising in public. i find it embarassing and annoying that people who walk around the place where you exercise will stare at you like you're the first person ever to exercise there. like at the swimming pool. god, once when i went swimming with my sister some dude even stood beside the pool and flirted with us. OHMYGOD. malu malu malu.

but since i have nothing to do here in riyadh, i find it kind of awesome to wake up in the morning,
and cycle, cycle, cycle the heck out. and hula hoop burns about 600 calories per hour, did you know that?

well anyways, i'm not bragging, i'm just being happy for myself.
and i'm not actually that thin yet, but boleh pakai skinny jeans and wear a us size 4 tu kira okay lah kan...
alhamdulillah. hope this exercising fad lasts a really long while. harharhar.

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