Thursday, September 6, 2012

latest obsession: sherlock.

hoooomaigod. i am obsessed. again. i am always obsessed with something. always. alwaysalwaysalways.

*starts pacing around the room with manic expression*

this time, i am in love with...drumroll please, sherlock!

nopey dopey, not the hollywood sherlock but rather, the british version from bbc. i mean, okay, i admit that i do love the hollywood version of sherlock, how could i not, it has downey jr. and jude law innit right?

but this, this! this sherlock, this series, it's a masterpiece. it's amazing. brilliant. a gem.  it's...okay, you can tell i am obsessed. (no doubt this obsession will change in a month's time, because the 3rd season of sherlock isn't due to air until 2013 so i need to find other ways to occupy myself. 2013? rly? SIGH. i hate waiting!)


aaanyways. this series depicts a modernized version of the sherlock holmes books by sir arthur conan doyle. i confess, i don't think i've ever read the series, ashamedly. no matter, i will undoubtedly pay more attention to the books now that i have. to. wait. for. season. 3. anyway. grr.

can you tell that i'm trying to speak in a posh british accent now? lawl.

read more on my crazy love for sherlock!

what's brilliant about the series is that each of the episode in the series is over an hour and a half long each. seriously, they're like a series of movies. and the script is superb. the acting is superb. the show's whole premise, although admittedly done before time and time again is surprisingly fresh and really interesting. bad thing is there were only 3 episodes in season 1, and 4 episodes in season 2. i needs moar. :(

(FAQ: did you know that sherlock holmes is awarded the guiness world record for 
most portrayed literary human character in film and tv?)

and they couldn't have picked a better actor to play sherlock holmes and john watson. seriously. i am so impressed by how spot on the actors are with portraying their characters that i am like, glued to the laptop screen, just watching every single thing these crime-solving partners do. 

sherlock's played by benedict cumberbatch. honestly, i've never actually heard of him before this, and i admit when i first watched it i didn't think him handsome or striking or interesting. oh, how wrong was i. he's got a unique look to him, as sherlock he's mysterious and smart and beautiful, and as himself he's carefree and smart and gorgeous. ah, i'm in love. i am smitten. i am...okay i'll refrain from the posh talk. but i adore him! and turns out i have seen him before in movies, in atonement and warhorse. i loved him in warhorse! (i also admit that i kind of connected with sherlock over his awkward human skills. i totally get you on that one man. i am so socially awkward it's painful to watch.)

he's got a beautiful voice too. omaigod. his voice. it's like honey. or molten lava. or kittens in duck pajamas mewling and running all over a rainbow. it's that beautiful. he's also very intelligent, from what i've seen in interviews. eloquent, friendly and sharp as a tack. PLUS, he's so fashionable. a perfect gentleman, i must say. 

that is a wicked awesome jacket btw. ben won the gq actor of the year award in 2011. juss sayin' homie. 

witness his brilliance. go on, i dare you to. srsly, the lines he has to recite for sherlock is like, crazy.

and martin freeman, well, he plays dr. john watson, ex-army doctor who is sherlock's best friend and partner in crime. their relationship is adorable, it's like the cutest bromance everrrrrr. their chemistry is real and so obvious that i'm surprised that these guys aren't best buds in real life. sherlock may not have a lot of bff's but i think having one best friend like john watson makes up for it. martin/john is awesome. i can't praise these people enough, and i don't even know them. plus, martin freeman and benedict cumberbatch will be in the movie 'the hobbit'! oh my gawdddddd. *hyperventilates*

lookit. he's sho cute. haha. so martin's playing bilbo baggins, and ben, my dear old ben, he'll be playing the voice of smaug the dragon and the necromancer. believe you me, it's gonna be one awesome as heck movie. i'm so excited! oh, and if anyone of you haven't read the hobbit yet, you should go read it. NOW. it's funny, and adventurous, and when i finished reading that book i honestly felt kind of empty and...useless. like i wanted to go embark on a great adventure too. sigh. 

i wish i could obsess over work this vehemently. SIGH. i'm gettin' there work, i'm gettin' there.

p/s: homaigoddd i forgot to mention the soundtrack. if any of you ever get to watch the series just listen to the soundtrack. it's spectacular, it honestly is. it's epic! go on, go watch the series. shoo!

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