Tuesday, May 14, 2013

we call it living.

i require a date to go watch star trek with me. 
because the friends who usually watch movies with me are in jb
and i can't wait because benny is in star trek and i just can't.

i can't.

i think i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown. 

having said that, i just hauled a butt-load of makeup this month. yay me for being broke.

but here's benny, so it's all good.

oh hay benny. fancy seeing you here.
plus, because of a random episode of revenge (thank you eyeballs) i had an insane urge to acquire a red blazer and so i did just that. 

this is the blazer i finally got from mango. pretteh!
ooooh merahnya.
be warned though, wearing such a bold red is very attention grabbing. i have had people openly stare at me as i walked past them. i suppose it's like a slap to the face? but hey i'm fabulous so what can i do?

ok not really. 

so, what i am doing nowadays other than waste my life away on shit i don't need and pretending that my masters degree is gonna do itself? i am:

  • interviewing poor unsuspecting folks for my masters. woohoo big surprise.
  • playing call of duty black ops 2. the graphics are higher now so the game on my laptop looks crappy and that makes me sad. 
  • done with far cry 3! yay! good game, very good voice acting involved and it's open world so anything goes. i must say though, i hate the whole checkpoint save system because unless i am on a mission i can't save my game, so if i die cos i got eaten by a shark when i am exploring my progress isn't saved. grr. but i love love love the voice acting. vaas montenegro (who will forever be a cooler villain than hoyt could ever be) and sam becker are my favourite characters. 

that's vaas. and this is sam. 

i gasped when he died. not cool man. (oops spoiler! haha yeah i'm an ass)

meh..yeah i think that's all i'm doing as of now. i can't think haha.

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