Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i am a member of destiny's child. my head anyways.
well maybe not even in my head, but whatever. who cares right?

still no news about my first ever job interview. methinks i didn't get it, which kind of makes me want to sulk and go emo for a few days but what would that do right? sigh. life can be so harsh sometimes. life, you know i love you, but you tire me out with all this drama llama. :(

went to watch a movie with sue today. we watched devil, which has a really unknown cast but is quite an awesome movie, to be honest. i mean, it didn't have any scary parts but we were so into it we didn't care. (well maybe i didn't. sue says the part with the old lady and the black pupils takut, but i kinda laughed at it. haha)

i need some kind of distraction from my life right now, which isn't exactly going peachy. or appley. or whatever kind of fruit that's in right now. it's like, i even want to shop but i can't because i have money but i don't have a source of income so i'm scared that i'll run out of cash and go broke and become a hobo.

i think i can't rock the hobo look. i do kinda like being comot though. huh.

OH. my convo is this saturday. i forgot to tell you all. whoever you all are. wait am i talking to myself?

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