Tuesday, October 5, 2010

of bacterias and donut.

today i said goodbye to my mom.
i was really sad, because i've spent like 5 months constantly by her side, doing everything together.
now she has to go back to riyadh.
oh well, i guess life can't go the way we expect it to, yeah.

anyways, my convocation was last saturday.
guess i'm a true fresh graduate now huh. yippee.
truth was, the whole hassle of convocation escapes me. i don't know why anyone would go through that just to tell people that you've graduated. i mean, i can just update my status on facebook and voila!
everyone will know that i've graduated. :P
but nope. it doesn't work like that. nothing ever does. so now i've got blisters the size of a hippo,
and my left big toe is numb. frickin' numb, i tell you.

meh. i've got a really good story to tell,
but i'm just way too lazy to type it down lol.
so, later y'all.

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