Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?


today has been one tiring mess after another. seriously.
whatever happened to having nothing to do?

tayar kereta dipancitkan orang. -rm150 right there. i will honestly pray for your demise. buggers.
kena saman mppj sebab security at my apartment tiba-tiba have the sudden urge to complain about all the cars there, when people have been parking there since the beginning of time pun takde masalah.
mppj, being the money-hungry body that they are, saman la all like, 50 cars out there. fuckers.
that was -rm100, but well, let's say i got rid of that one pretty easily. >:)
then because of said saman incident and tayar kereta incident,

i decided to rent a parking space in the apartment. safer meh.
so that's what, -rm330 for this month plus deposit and all?
and rm150 the following months?

i don't have that much cash! money does not grow on trees! and even if it did i don't have a tree, okay?
yes, i am trying to get into utm or um.
yes i am also trying to get a job.
yes i am trying to save all i can right now, because i don't wanna burden my parents.
does the concept of love and mercy appeal to no one right now?
we have fluffy kittens on this side, come on to this side!

i guess i just feel like ranting, yeah.
nobody to blame for these things anyways. i'm so tired.

i was so tired and hungry just now (tak makan lagi) that i've reduced myself to being the "angsty adult in tiny car blasting loud angry music about hating people" type. you know it's not safe for the general human population when i'm like that, right? why then, why?

good thing i'm more patient that before. kalau tidak there'd be a huge temper tantrum in the middle of the federal highway where angsty adult decides to hit every pedestrian she sees on the road. haha. i mean, ha.

by the way, i just had a haircut yesterday. meh, it was a joint decision with my mom.
she says i'm too lazy to take care of long hair. true that, homie. haha.
now i have great, luscious hair akin to that of...uh, justin bieber. (bad choice i know)
oh wait. that was yesterday. my hair's pretty frizzed out and flyaway today,
so maybe it's more of a 'simon cowell on a good hair day' kind of look. if i try really hard. lol.

whatever. hair is hair. (cakap orang malas huh)

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