Sunday, October 10, 2010

after all, those wings will take you up so high..

"dear friends in higher places,
carry me away from here."
today's my super-lazy day. ;)
i haven't had those in a while. i think my mom's too active to let me sit around and do nothing for a whole day, but now that i'm living with my brother and there's just the 2 of us, i can pretty much do whatever.
even if whatever means eating 3 pieces of bread for the whole day, sitting around in my bedroom surfing the internet and watching random movies and annoying my still sick-ish cat. hee.
i'm too lazy to eat though. i have this saying. or a principle, i don't know which.
i think that if you'r not hungry and you don't feel like eating, why eat?
you're not gonna appreciate stuff going into your stomach.
you're not gonna feel better after eating anything.
you get no satisfaction out of it, so why eat?
why eat if you're not even feeling hungry?
...although, this might prove to be troublesome tomorrow,
when i'm clutching my tummy yelling for food and gastric medication. huh.
oh look, my cow's upside down. ahaha.
i realize that most of the times, my posts just don't make sense. or they're randomly based.
or they're not very entertaining. i realize all that, and i don't care. because my mind actually does work like this. so...too bad la if you don't like me. cause i like me. hah.

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