Friday, October 8, 2010

ten speed (of god's blood and burial)

no, that is not me trying to defy god or anything. it's just that i'm soooo addicted to this song right now. yeah, it's a song, go figure. but it's an old song, one i've heard so many times before. it's by coheed and cambria, the lead singer with the voice of a 12 year old chick. haha.

tapi tibe-tibe dengar skarang hooked pulak kan. pelik la ko ni anis. but listen to it. it has that sinister vibe to it, like i'm suddenly gonna violently stab a pillow and do the rain dance. or something interesting liddat.

took wallster to the vet again today. he's always getting fleas on his body.
i don't know if it's just lazy-ass me, or the crazy-ass fleas, or that cheeky-ass wally that's creating all this trouble, but i'm sick of it. i hate seeing those little black specks on his fur. the vet says that there's no way that i can get rid of it like 100%, so that sucks. but i had to buy some more stuff for him to make him less kutu-ish. i swear, i spend more on him every time i visit the vet. dah la aku pokai. :'(

i also put in a lot of research for my buddy wally here. for example, from what i read, they say that only 10% of the total numberof fleas reside on a pet, which means that 90% of those buggers are in our environment. ewwww. eucalyptus oil helps because it's a naturally derived disinfectant thingy and it wards off ticks, mites and the like. i swear, if it wasn't for wally, i wouldn't have even noticed or cared about these things. huh.

my mom still says that i'm wasting my cash and time though. hahaha.
ah well mama, you like wally too. don't lie lah. :P

i think there's a chic pop flea market tomorrow at ttdi. who wants to follow??
*grin* bye!

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