Monday, October 18, 2010

bump the barnacle!

"they're awesome manly pain tears. they're not emotional.
...okay maybe they're a little emotional."

i may be a bit slow on the uptake,
but i absolutely had no clue that neil patrick harris is gay!
i mean, he's a womanizer in how i met your mother and harold and kumar,
so i kinda thought he was straight. and you know, always gettin' some, lol. meh.
but i checked out all his other roles throughout the years too. (because i'm weird like that)
he's been on sesame street, family guy, and the simpsons. like, can i say cool?
nph, you're super-fly. fist bump!
(he's adorable though, right? he looks like a kid! he's 37 years old!)

hah this post seems to have nph all over it. nice.

i want new headphones. and another hard disk.
and a new ipod skin. an awesome one. like gelaskin or something.
and...yeah, other stuff. meh.

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