Friday, October 15, 2010

random picspam!

[warning: pics are so awesome your head might implode]
today i'm feeling random, so pictures galore!
piccies are taken using my htc wildfire, using this super-fly software i just downloaded called vintage demo.
basically when you take a picture you can customize the settings and turn your photos into these beautiful works of art. niiice.

some of the rad effects include vintage, lomo, sepia, vignette, lens effect and all.
the frames can be customized, with stuff like square, film effect, panorama, etc.
i can even change the sensitivity, white balance, and all that jazz that i don't really know about.
srsly, not trying to promote the software, but it's kind of awesome because now all my pictures of wally are really creative and interesting! me, anyway. haha.

but let the pictures speak for themselves.

(banyak gambar wally, so pls bear with me. haha.)

nice, huh?

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