Sunday, July 24, 2011

the clark kent syndrome.

i have a question. 

does a person really look that different when they switch from wearing glasses to wearing contact lenses?

i've been wearing glasses since i was 0.3547211 years old and have only recently jumped into the contact lenses bandwagon. i just felt like a change, you know? i like wearing glasses, especially those nerdy ones, but sometimes i wanna blend in and you know, look fun for a change. like, if you wear glasses you don't have a lot of options for wearing your tudung (headscarf)...well i don't have a lot of options anyways, because i am clueless about things like that. :\

...randomly, how the heck do some girls just magically obtain these scarf-winding-around-the-head skills? i mean, i watch youtube for videos on how to style your hijab, and i don't. understand. a. thing. (i usually just show the video to my officemate and make her learn the style and then teach it to me. which she does in like, 5 minutes. what the EFF.)  

ehh, hilang fokus kejap. moving on, yeah, glasses. i went to my brother's wedding (belah perempuan) yesterday, and people didn't recognise me. and i was like, why? does one look that different without glasses? or are people just so accustomed to the thing that seeing a person without their glasses just looks weird or something? 

i ask because i'm so curious. when i was a kid i lolwtf'd when i watched superman, because see, superman doesn't wear glasses but his alter ego, clark kent does. he goes back and forth between being a superhero and being a nerdy dude wearing nerdy glasses, and people never know that it's him.

so...maybe i've got this whole clark kent-superman thing down pat?

this is just like me...except i'm way more buff than he is.
ah, i know! there's probably also the hijab style factor to consider. i used to wear tudung bawal and refused to wear other types of tudung materials and styles, because i'm classic like that. 

pah, you know what? i'll show you pictures. before and after. you be the judge, playa.

i'm really good at making weird faces. everyone says so.
but now i've decided to update myself, and i look like this! bam! 

picture not suitable for minors under the age of 18.
okay so the picture is horrible, and i'm sweating like a mofo, and i'm making yet another weird face. i'm sorry, but this was taken yesterday from the wedding and i was the photographer, so i couldn't bloody well take pictures of myself could i? and the shots that do have my face are either of me...uh, making weird faces, or the pictures are all blurred. fml. 

and yes, i was sweating profusely while that picture was taken, it was warm and i was wearing black. and i look fat because fat is my middle name. okay? okay?

but anyways...what do you think? do i look different? 

i think i look the same...eww. (cue sad elton-john-type music) sigh, am i the only girl in the world who takes 1054292 pictures of herself on the camera but can only find 2 good pictures of herself? (and one is of her making a funny face, sheesh)


p/s: randomly, one of my friends told me that i look like a friendlier person when i'm wearing glasses, and that i look a bit snobbish without them. i can neither confirm nor deny this tidbit of information, thus i shall need to experiment further on this idea. 

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