Monday, July 18, 2011

if i ever get outta here.

this has been a horrible month, to be perfectly honest.

first of all, and most importantly, i still haven't got my salary for june. and now it's nearly the end of july, what. the. fark. how are we supposed to work in this kind of environment la idiot bosses? i am honestly fed up with the whole situation, fuck it i'm looking for a new job. 

then the people of ambank has made the past friday a living nightmare for me by towing away my car. you read that right. they towed away my car. these 3 indian fellas came up to see me at my office and wanted my car keys. i was freaked as hell, i'll tell you that. ambank claims that my parents haven't paid for my car installment for 5 months already, which is impossi-fucking-ble. (sorry i'm a bit riled up) turns out the payments have been going in tapi for some ungodly reason it couldn't go through the stupid bank's system and so hilang macam tu je. so my parents had to pay for the whole 5 months (i'm so sorry mama and ayah, i love you both) and then i dunno la how they're gonna track the missing cash that they already paid before this.

sigh. baru petang tadi pegi ambik my car. ambank is slow. system is ridiculously outdated. i am appalled at the kind of service they're providing and i would've smacked the people involved in this right in the nads. fortunately, or unfortunately, i still have some semblence of patience left in me, so i'll let this one pass. but i will pray that those people who have done me wrong will get raped by giant bloody spiders from hell. grr.

 gah. i miss shopping. shoppiiiiiiinggggg. :(

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