Sunday, October 2, 2011

that awkward moment when...

so there's this kind of hype right now on the internet where people are always saying stuff starting with the phrase, "that awkward moment when...", so i've decided, in the light of recent events, to follow suit and do the same thing.

here is my list.

that awkward moment when:

- there are people fighting around you and they're obviously pissed off at each other and you're smack in the middle of the fight and you don't know whether you should act like you didn't hear a word they said or just quietly creep into the room and shut the door.

- your good friends ask you to join an activity with them but you can't because said activity could cost you loads of money and you can't afford to waste cash right now because you're shit broke and don't know when you'll get your next paycheck.

- you find food just lying around in the living room area and you wanna eat it but it's obviously someone else's so you can't eat it but you've been wanting to eat it for some time but haven't had the time to go to midvalley to buy it so in the end you left it there, all on it's own, sad and lonely... (ok wtf this isn't even awkward. i just wanted to say that i've been mengidam-ing tako tao and i saw some last night but tak tau sapa punya. sadface.)

- your officemates keep telling you that you should totally hook up with this one cute guy who comes to your office every now and then and you secretly think to yourself, "i wish i could, but he'd never like someone like me."

- people you either know or don't know come up to you and tell you that you're short. oh my god i've spent nearly 24 years of my life thinking that i was tall, my dreams have been shattered to dust!

..ah well. can't think of any more right now, since i just got distracted reading failbook which is funny. as. hell.


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