Monday, November 7, 2011

no one sees you like i do.

there is absolutely nothing going on with my life.


...except, i quit my job and this month is my last month working, i'm applying for my masters at utm with my favourite crazy-about-food lecturer, and i'm probably starting a whole new chapter in my life and i don't even know it.

other than that, nothing.

ooh, never mind that i almost got into a fight with one of my bosses, because he totally deserves it. and never mind that my friend and i are really on the lookout for a boyfriend now, to the point that she (not me though, malu la lol) bought a book on how to find the right one hahaha. (she's hilarious. lots of love for her!)

and never mind the fact that i just bought a whole bunch of stuff with the salary that i finally received this month. i bought some shawls (essential, so tak kisah la kot) and some makeup (, i have nothing to say, except that i regret nothing. nothing) and is in the process of buying some cool clothes.

randomly, i want a boyfriend blazer. like this:
taken from
or this:
chicks got some swagger, right? these blazers are so cool, plus they're awesomely modest. i've been wanting to buy them for a while, but they're always so expensive and i've been kinda on the fence about them because hello, malaysian weather, but whatever la. i guess these are no different from the jackets that i have, plus they really add a sense of coolness (not literally though) that cardigans don't have. 

i want them blazers in electric blue: 
don't remember where i got this from sorry! :\
cantik right? so vibrant and happy and cool. i've been in a sort of mid-life crisis nowadays, where i want everything i own to be colourful and happy and carefree, ahhhh. (but i still love my muddy browns and neutrals and blacks)

other colours:
ooh, red. dunno if i'm bold enough for this though lollerz.
ah, the great agyness deyn. from

charlotte ronson blazer in spiffy white.

grey, anyone? from

look at her. just look at her. (sigh) so pretty. from
haih. i wants. i needs.

*tarik nafas dalam-dalam*

ok, i'm good. 

a few things that have kept me going through the week:

total pwnage. from

a new rockin' scent. mmmm, it smells like coconuts.

crazy + wtf = awesome
people with nice smiles...actually, anyone who smiles at me. :)

knowing that however alone i feel, Allah is always with me. ♥
have a goofy good day everyone. :p

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