Saturday, November 26, 2011

out with the old, in with the new.

so! yesterday was my birthday, yay me for making it all the way to 24. as a sort of celebratory blog post, i thought it'd be fun to make a comparison of who i was when i was 17 and who i am now as a 24 year old.

i've changed a lot since i was 17. as a teenager i was the epitome of depressing, and as an adult (if you could call me that) i am now the epitome of awesome.

oh come on if you can't indulge me on my birthday you are heartless i tell you. heartless.

ah well. this is what i came up with.

1) clothes

at seventeen

i admit it, i was an awkward, weird seventeen year old. i wore black almost every day, i was a tomboy, and i lived on jeans and t-shirts. i was all into that baggy clothes trend which only rappers and harry potter seemed to appreciate, and i was very into arts at the time so i was doodling on everything, including my clothes. i guess i wanted to be indie. i guess i failed.

i guess i felt like i was alone, so i wanted to dress differently than everyone else to show that i was different from them, that i was an individual. i dunno, seventeen year old minds are confusing. teenage life was a blur of angst and minor rebellions for me. all i knew is that i sure turned some heads at that time, i'm just not sure if it was in a good way or bad. haha.

at twenty four

i have grown up! i have matured from all that. i am fashion-forward, elegant and sophisticated.

nahhhh. hahaha. there's still bits of my tomboy-ish side with me, because i still seem to survive on jeans, but i  tend to be better at picking my wardrobe nowadays. i love colour, though black is still my favourite, i do like pinks and browns and creams a lot. i wear skirts now, willingly. this is a huge improvement from the seventeen year old me who threw a fit whenever my mom made me wear skirts for special occasions. *cringe*

i guess my style nowadays is a bit androgynous. i like girly clothes that are taken from male fashion trends, like military jackets, boyfriend blazers, vests, things with studs, and solid colours. i guess that makes me the best of both worlds!

randomly, i finally bought myself an awesome rust brown blazer from cotton on! it looks somewhat like this, except it fits me nicely. :)

from it's like wearing a cat, that's how awesome it is lol.
2) music

at seventeen

ah, the angsty days. i mostly listened to a lot of rock and alternative and punk songs back then. bits of pop songs thrown in of course. lots of moshing and whipping my hair back and forth back then. lots of screaming and frowning and . (high five to anyone who knows which song those lyrics came from)

let's see. i had linkin park. my chemical romance. the used. lostprophets. simple plan. hoobastank. newfound glory. yellowcard. cursive. head automatica. good charlotte. green day. taking back sunday. oh god those were some good times. i loved the feeling i got when i listened to those songs then. i felt strong, almost invincible. i felt loud and sure and defiant, the world couldn't piss me off even if it tried.

really, those were actually good days.

at twenty four

now though, i've mellowed out a lot. the stuff i listened to at the time is still good, and i still have them in my itunes, more for nostalgia's sake sometimes, but now i guess i'm more versatile. i listen to pop, ska, hip-hop, rap, rock, alternative, jazz, indie and even electronica (i'm looking at you and your awesomeface music which oddly makes me wanna play video games, the glitch mob)

i also will openly admit to listening taylor swift and selena gomez, as i will admit listening to mumford and sons,  woodkid, ascetic junkies, beach boys, young the giant and other awesome artists.

i will never, however, admit to listening to justin bieber. baby, baby, baby, no.

3) attitude

at seventeen

i was angsty, against the world, felt alone and underappreciated. i was a loner.

at twenty four

i am alone and underappreciated still, heh. but i'm happy, and i love everyone who's still with me now, friends and family, though i sure don't show it well. i am still an emo kid. still dramatic. hopefully i've mellowed out since i was seventeen, i would hate to be that depressed forever.

4) others

lol i'm too lazy to think of other stuff, so others it is.

let's see a random comparison of things i liked when i was seventeen and now.

favourite colour?
seventeen: black
twenty four: i'm in a mustard phase. lol.

current interests?
seventeen: moping? haha no. i think it was maybe photoshopping and art.
twenty four: makeup! omg i am becoming such a blush hoarder, plus lipbalms and eyeliners. i can never haz too many of these!

financial status?
seventeen: constantly broke due to no income.
twenty four: constantly broke due to shopping with no gaji.

guy crush?
seventeen: chester bennington. ian watkins. draco malfoy lol.
twenty four: ryan gosling. ohemgee. also, brian j.smith, matthew gray gubler, and darren criss. ;)

love of my life:

seventeen: none. :(
twenty four: wally the incredible evil cat! *hugs*

mehhh, that's all i can muster for now. i'll leave you with a picture of an incredibly handsome ryan.


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