Sunday, April 8, 2012

the consequences of change.

people change, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for...well, they just change.

some people change and decide to include you in their lives, and if that happens that it's probably a sign of love. i don't know much about love though, so i'm probably just crazy for saying that.

but sometimes people change, and somehow you're not included as an important part of their lives anymore. people change, and with change comes new people. new people that are better than you. new people that take part in their everyday lives the way you used to.

doesn't matter if you're friend. or family. change is change. if you're not prepared for these changes then you might feel a bit left out. or hurt. or maybe you just don't care. it depends on the kind of person that you are.

if i love somebody enough, i include them in my life, changes and all. i for their opinions, their thoughts, their feelings before i do something. when i wanted to quit my job, i asked for the opinion from everyone important in my life, taking into account how their life would change if i made my decision.

because that's just it. every decision you make, big or small, has an impact on someone else. if you wanted someone in your life badly enough, then you'd work hard to make sure these people stayed in your lives right?

oh well. apparently i'm not good enough to be in some people's lives. i'm just not important enough. i get it. it's fine. how important is someone like me anyways when you already have everything you want in your life? okay. judge me and call me names. tell me how useless i am. i don't mind.

someday i'll get out of everyone's lives and i sincerely hope that it'll make everyone's lives better. because if i can't give anything when i'm in your lives, the least i could do is make an impact when i'm out of it right?

i can't wait for the day when that actually happens.  

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