Monday, April 23, 2012

please have the strength to not fall apart.

stay strong anis. stay very very strong.

don't let something like this break your spirit down.

it's just a temporary roadblock. nothing bad, just something to shake you up and get you going.

don't cry. crying is for the weak. you're NOT weak. you are not a waste of space. you are not useless. you are someone. you are worth the work. you are going to make it.

Allah would not test you with something that you cannot endure. always remember that, and be grateful that you are still alive. that you have a family that's there for you. that you get one more chance at a new day, that's something a lot of people would kill for.

what's meant to be is meant to be. maybe this opportunity wasn't for me. i hope i'm mean for something bigger and better, because i'd hate to be this much of a bother to my parents and turn out to be nothing.


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