Thursday, January 7, 2010

are you happy now?

maybe we're not so different, you and i.

you're looking for something,
or someone,
and i'm looking for myself.

it's not easy to live, you know.
they say live and love hard,
be the person you want to be,
don't compromise.

but living is not easy,
and dying is easy but consequential.
some people won't like you for who you are.
some people want you to change.
some people want you to be more like them.
everyone fucking wants something out of you.

and you're stuck in the middle of the road,
"how the hell did i get here?"
and then you realize,
this isn't who you wanted to be in the first place.
this isn't you at all.
this doesn't even have a fragment of who you are.
who are you?

are you happy now?

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