Saturday, January 23, 2010

with butterflies in my stomach and the car keys in hand.

i have nothing substantial to say nowadays.
...except that my cat is really huge. wally has like, a pot belly now.

i'm changing my blog header today.
i say changing, because i haven't changed it yet.
i went on a photoshop spree last night.
amazingly, i still remember some stuff. some. hah.
not to say that it's nice though. i wish i could do better, but i can't so...whatever.

while i'm being random, i'd like to comment on a subject.
just a teensy bit.

guys, if any of you have a girlfriend/girlfriends/whatever, please love them okay?

don't be mad at people because they got tired of waiting for you for 3 hours, okay?
don't forget to apologize because you were in your room sleeping,
while they waited in the stinkin' tv room for a phone call from you, okay?
don't forget the fact that they have loads of work to do but they still wait for you,
probably because they love you.

don't take people for granted, one day they might just...disappear.
one day that love might fade away, if you don't work for it.
one day, they might realize that there's probably someone better out there waiting for them, and only you don't realize that.

one day, you might be left alone.
bitter, angry, and hurt.
and you can't blame them.
because in all honesty, i think they've run out of excuses to stay in love with you.

and that's when you realize.
love isn't about falling in love.
it's about staying in love,
long past the butterflies in the stomach, and the heart-shaped boxes,
and the valentine's day wishes, and the dates to movies.

so, appreciate her. them. whatever.
because if i find out that you're not, i'm gonna put a fork right between your fucking eyes.
because i love my friends, you arse.