Monday, January 25, 2010

i can't think of a funny blog-post title. silly me.

"my dreams are as big as hulk hogan,
and my hopes are as tall as shaquille o'neal."

i think it's kind of funny that i say more hello's and how are you's
to cats than i say them to people.
i will usually greet every single cat i see when i'm on my way home,
but sometimes i don't even talk to people for days at a time.
i am so awesomely retarded. hahaha.

i will change that now.
hello, you. yeah, the you that's reading my blog. i have one word to say to you.
enjoy. hahahaha.

there was some fuss going about on facebook just now about my pre-grad dinner theme and whatnot.
all poo-pah to me. srsly, we're in 4th years mate, we can wear whatever the heck we like.
follow la the theme sikit-sikit kan. don't go all diva pulak haha.
but srsly. baju kurung is NOT appropriate for a black tie masquerade event lah.
not even a black tie event. or a masquerade event. or whatever.

and that's all i can think of writing.
...except that i am cool because i have a polar bear stuck to my ipod.
geddit? polar bear? cool?

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