Monday, October 15, 2012

a jacket appreciation post. really.

so. i totally blew it today. i'm sorta kinda maybe a tiny bit broke right now, because all my moolah is only coming at the end of this month, but then...

i went to midvalley and totes bought a jacket. (well it says suit on the tag of the jacket, but that's totes crazy cos it's a jacket. a jacket!) and drumroll please, it's a military jacket!

*jumps up and down in sheer happiness and awesomeness*

yes, i finally caved and bought a gorgeous dark green military jacket from mng. it's beautiful, and i've been wanting one since the day i was born, so basically i totes (can you feel how annoying that word is? totes? lolz) should get it right?

and because pictures are worth a thousand words yadda yadda, here's the jacket in ze flesh!

pic from
isn't it beautiful? it cost me 259 bucks, it has to be pretteh ahaha. but anyways, i figured since i've wanted one for so long and this one is of good quality, i'd really regret if it buy it heh. i will wear the heck out of this jacket. my grand kids will inherit this jacket from my kid when i'm dead. i will go swimming in this jacket. yep, a solid investment indeed.

i totally felt guilty about wasting money though. sigh. 

i've totally noticed a pattern though. although i've  really liked military jackets for a long time, the interest suddenly reappeared due to one reason, and one reason only...well okay, it's awesome and it looks cool, but the real reason is because of...SHERLOCK. 

dammit. i knew i shouldn't have gotten so invested with this show. i always become slightly retarded and crazy obsessed with awesome albeit random things, and this time it's sherlock. well, it's actually watson though. dr. john hamish watson. from the fifth northumberland fusiliers. former army doctor and bff of sherlock holmes. 

i mean, come on. you've got to see the appeal here. it's like the bromance of the century man. they're best friends and they're like an old married couple. they genuinely care for each other to the point that they're willing to put themselves at danger for one another. i mean, heck, i'd take a relationship like that over a bland marriage or normal relationship any day. 

but anyway! back to the topic at hand. i really liked john's jacket from the show, this one particularly:

both images are from
obviously the jacket i bought looks nothing like this jacket, but ever since that show i've wanted a military jacket even more than ever, just know, john's ex-army. and he's small, and looks harmless, but he's a mean crackshot and he's awesome and ohmygod i'm rambling again aren't i?

the jacket's a haversack 'shooting' jacket. it's gorgeous, really. i love the leather shoulder guard thing, it's what makes the jacket really bamf-y, you know? and it's got that leather detailing at the back which i'm not sure what it is because they look like elbow patches but they're not and oh did i mention that i was really into elbow patches last year? lolz. (random true story: i started obsessing over jackets and shirts with elbow patches when my mom bought this really cute shirt for my crazy awesome nephew and i really liked it and then i was like, ohmygod i want one too. yes this is a true story. i am that random.) 

and when john first wore the jacket my eyes were immediately drawn to it. it really is a cool jacket. and it looks really comfy and warm. damn. 

sherlock's overcoat is really awesome too. i can't pull that off though because of my vertical problems? (lol) but sherlock's coat is from belstaff, which is this really awesome british brand which i've heard of before. (there's another long rant for this, but i'll put it at the end of this post lol). anyways, check out their website, and just. look. at. their. jackets. they're GORGEOUS. they're seriously like beautiful works of art, bloody expensive but like, seriously. man. 

image from
sherlock's coat is a belstaff 'milford' coat, and hey hey, it's no longer available. i actually read (from here) that when the show came out there was a high demand for belstaff the coat that they actually did relaunch it in 2010. amazing what a show can do right? and the coat really screams sherlock through and through; mysterious, dark, quite classic but very stylish in it's quality and make. (i think i'm overthinking this but i refuse to think further. hah, geddit?)

well, that's that. when i get my salary i'm so gonna get this blazer, also from mango, because it's actually really good quality and it's really pretty and quite cheap, at like RM160 i think:

ooh, it's a beauty innit? i practically live in blazers and jackets nowadays. i think it's because i used to wear cardigans all the time, like i have 10 different coloured cardigans but now i'm kind of over them and so i wear blazers. because they're tres chic. and really you don't have to iron them ahaha.

oh, yeah. my rambling story about how i first knew the brand belstaff? when i was in saudi last year my parents brought me to this really cool like discount store where they sold branded designer clothing for a slashed price. like, really slashed. so when i was there there was this really, exquisitely beautiful leather jacket  which was like 1000 bucks++, and i was so in love with it. even my mom was in love with it. i wanted to have kids with this jacket. it was beautiful. it was soft like buttah, smooth as silk. it was this black leather jacket without any like added fuss to it, you know, no studs or zips here and there, it was just simple, but i really really liked it. 

i looked at the brand then, so mesmerized i was by its beauty that i wanted to commit everything to memory, and ta-dah, it was a belstaff jacket. (that's how i knew that belstaff = supremely cool + good quality + i will totally look badass in a very chic way in  this) but hey, why would i buy a leather jacket? i live in malaysia. it broke my heart, really it did, but i decided not to buy it. (plus i didn't have the money anyway hahaha) i've thought about that jacket ever since then, and a few months ago i asked my mom if it was still available at the store. my mom said that someone bought it already. sad sad sad face. :( and dah la they don't have belstaff in malaysia. arrgh.

so yeah, that's my completely long-winded and stupid story about a jacket. LOLZ. 


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