Tuesday, October 2, 2012

random song shuffling.

i was bored, and i just finished work. here's what my snazzy playlist looks like at random lol.

  1. try honesty - billy talent 
  2. halfway around the world - a*teens (lolz)
  3. remember me - hoobastank
  4. you know how i do - taking back sunday
  5. don't dream it's over - sixpence none the richer
  6. mad world - adam lambert (prefer the original but this one's okay as well)
  7. rude boy - rihanna
  8. you're going down - sick puppies
  9. i predict a riot - kaiser chiefs
  10. the saddest song (acoustic) - the ataris
  11. new perspective - panic! at the disco
  12. my heart - paramore 
  13. learning how to die - jon foreman
  14. doesn't matter - akon
  15. leave out all the rest - linkin park
  16. against all odds (take a look at me now) - mariah carey ft westlife (i actually frickin' love this song)
  17. d is for dangerous - arctic monkeys 
  18. i don't wanna be - gavin degraw
  19. dance inside - the all-american rejects
  20. golden - fall out boy
well, that seems to be a-ok. i mean, i personally thought my tastes are a bit more eclectic than this, but the shufflenator maybe doesn't show it? like, where are my classics? my beatles? beach boys? heh.

cool though.

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