Thursday, November 8, 2012

hobnobs and hairology.

behold, my new blog look! it's a beachy theme, quite relaxed i must say. even the music is all mellow and chilled out..for me anyways. i mean, any mellower than that and i'd be asleep. 

i bought hobnobs yesterday. milk chocolate coated hobnobs to be precise. to those who are wondering what the bloody blazes hobnobs are, they're a range of oat biscuits from mcvities that...well i don't know how they're different from the original mcvities but there are some differences i bet. and these hobnobs, while quite expensive here in malaysia, are friggin' delicious. mmm..milk chocolate and biscuits all rolled into one.

now i'm fancying some tea with these.
i'm still looking for jammie dodgers though. jammie dodgers are quite famous, and heck, we do have the malaysian variations for them, but i still want to try them. why? because the doctor eats them. and because in fanfics sherlock and watson seem to LOVE jammie dodgers. ergo, i would love jammie dodgers, because i love the doctor and sherlock and watson. yay for love and biscuits with jam fillings.

and proof that jammie dodgers are cool:

that's not actually a miniature donut. it's a jammie dodger lol.
i've finished watching seasons 1 to 4 of doctor who. in...mmm, a month maybe? yeah, i am that crazy. i'm currently watching season 5, but...truth be told, i don't seem to enjoy it as much as i did with the past seasons. the 11th doctor is played by matt smith, the one holding the jammie dodger up there, and i'm trying to get a feel of his character, but, i dunno, i prefer david or christopher better? (ah, on first name basis are we now?) 

because hello, look at david tennant. look at him.

looooook at hiiiiim! that grin.
i am convinced that this scottish man is my best friend. i don't know why, but i feel like he's the bestest friend a person could hope for. he's funny, loves coldplay and is very laid back and chilled. him and catherine tate (another awesome best friend and my favourite doctor who companion now) should be bestest of friends with me forever! 

now i've read somewhere that being scottish is not the same as being british. and since i included tennant in my british post, i must apologise for my slip. david tennant is still awesome in any nationality though, and his scottish accent is totes mcgoats too.

and i loooooove the tenth doctor's hair. i don't know why, i think it's the best thing ever! it's fluffy and spiky at the same time. and the sideburns, lol. 

spiffiness personified.
speaking of hair, i've been thinking to get my hair cut again, since it's grown rather long for my liking. i actually cut my hair super short the last time i went to the salon, and i really like my hair short to be honest. i feel more confident and cooler in short hair, and since i wear a hijab anyways there's no problem of me being mistaken for a dude, which is a big no-no. i've been goggling pixie cuts, and there are actually a lot of celebs and such sporting short hair nowadays. must be the weather or something. miley cyrus, the beautiful emma watson, agyness deyn, anne hathaway, loads of 'em!

michelle williams pulls off short hair really well. cute!
i love this, messy and punky!
some people are really attached to their hair. i think that hair is just that, hair. nothing to be freaked out about, because it grows back out. maybe it's just cos i wear a hijab so it doesn't bother me as much as other stuff. i don't think i'd ever cry over a haircut though, because when i was younger and didn't wear a hijab, there was this one time where i accidentally cut my hair suuuuper short (hairdresser's mistake, and my tak sampai hati-ness to tegur her lol) and people mistook me for a dude. i was stressed out at first, but then i was like, "butt fuck this. i don't care.", and then it grew out. the end. lolz. but i remember one of my friends telling me that i looked like a hot dude, so...yeah. win-win? :\

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