Monday, November 12, 2012

i am not strong enough to endure this.

i'm currently attempting to finish a report solely by the use of candle light, because the electricity in my house is a huge dick and a selfish bastard. *shakes fist* add to the fact that the candles smell are vanilla-scented and are actually quite fucking calming, and it's slowly lulling me into a false sense of security that everything's gonna be alright and no, my supervisor won't mind that upon meeting him tomorrow morning i am forced to admit that i haven't done much work the past few weeks because i have been busy watching an alien with a british accent and his merry companions travel the universe in a bright blue police box solving mysteries and having a blast.

i now regret EVERYTHING

and i have a feeling that my final report will be full of romance and suspense. either that, or it's edgar allen poe's the raven.  

and why the fuck am i suddenly hungry? awh hell no, and i've finished my delicious hobnobs. this is a disaster. i am never gonna survive this. my eyes are feeling heavier, like someone's pulling them down. i feel like there's sand in my eyes and i need to close my eyes and...breathe and...focus a...

dammit. dead.

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