Monday, November 12, 2012

the stranger in the mirror is wearing my clothes.

"no i'm not alright,
i know that i'm not right,
feels like i travel but i never arrive,
i wanna thrive, not just survive"

okay. so today was fun. i was supposed to go meet my supervisor this morning for a quick update sesh for my work, but at the last minute he couldn't make it and so rescheduled. so, situation: it's 10 am, the day's beautiful, and i'm wide awake and alive. what do i do?

i go to ikea, of course. 

you know, there are loads of treasures in ikea. it's like a tiny little world of its own, they have everything you'd ever want and need in there. well, almost everything. i went there alone, as per usual, but ended up meeting my aunts there, who just arrived from penang yesterday. weird coincidence huh? cool!

anyways, i bought a lamp. well, a night light. well, a night shade lamp thingy. i have no clue what to call it stop judging me with your eyes. this ended up being one my best ideas ever because now, as i am at home, i find that the electrical wiring in my house is still effed up, so i can't open the fan and lights but i can use electrical appliances. success. 

after the fiasco of last night (and thank god my supervisor decided to reschedule!) i am now comfortably sitting on my bed with my laptop on a small desk ('s a food tray, but fuck you for wanting to put a label on everything) ready to do my work because there's the comforting light of my new night-lamp-shade-thing. 

OH! and...important information. the light i bought is in the shape of a globe. it's round, happy and blubbery (don't judge) and i took like an hour deciding which lamp to buy. in the end i settled for the globe because it reminded me of something awesome that i couldn't really recall and it looked like one of those sightseers orbs or something, and because globes are the new triangles. heck yeah.

but when i got home and i opened my laptop, i realized what the lampy globe looked like! lo and behold, my freckled friends:

my lamp globe thingy.
zoom out!
my room...wait what's that? (p/s: my room is awesome hey? haha)

my current wallpaper is this

the ood man. the friggin' ood. they hold orb thingies in their hands. i was like

because i didn't even realize my obsessions ran so deep. so deep that it's in my subconscious. it's true though, the last few days i've been having alien-ish dreams, which were awesome, because i love dreams. they're like watching movies, except you haven't watched the trailer yet so you know nothing about the story plot and it's fun and exciting and totally cool. 

anyways, one of the best dreams was this mesh between a video game and doctor who, where i was with these other contestants in a game, and we were let loose in a huge abandoned house with mazes all around. we were split into 2 groups, and we had to not only navigate our way around the mazes in the house and try not to fall into traps and shit, we also had to find weapons and eliminate the opposing team. 

yeah, my dreams are gruesome sometimes. *shrug* 

so i don't remember specifics, but there was a part where i think i had to move from upstairs to the ground floor using these steel scaffolding pipes laid all around this narrow vertical passageway. the best image i could find that explains this is this pic here

then when i got down there i came upon a room, then we had to run away from some sort of sonic pulse and when i was running there was a chair in the middle of this room and boom! the doctor was sitting there. except the doctor was a mixture of the 9th and 10th doctor (shows how much i adore the both of them really, even my subconscious couldn't decide) and he told me to RUN but i couldn't and maybe i didn't want to, because i could never abandon the doctor. so i gave him a hug and i looked into his face and decided that i'd die with the doctor. and then i wake up. 

deep huh. i somehow always find deeper meaning to small random things. i'm overemotional like that. i've got so much feels in me. woot woot!

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