Saturday, January 25, 2014

i'm not really bothered to think of a cool title for this post.

"i've been dying to get out,
and that might be the death of me"

this week..gah, this week has been terrible on my life. a harrassment on my pure angelic senses, i must say. i'm drained dry and withered by my cruel experiences of this week.

well i was pissed off, which amounts to the same thing really.

my car decided that it was tired of living, thus my car battery and car remote battery (you know, the beep beep thing) decided to die on me. 

rivers of tears were shed, figuratively. i had to reschedule an appointment with my project leader just because of you, car. i thought we were friends. god, i thought we were friends. *slow sobbing*

bad things are happening with my studies right now, but i am reluctant to elaborate on the matter because honestly, it gives me anxiety. 

spongebob does anxiety quite well tbh
BUT! there were some awesome things that happened this week. for one, i went shopping. lolzzzzz. well i had to cheer myself up somehow right? 

i received a birthday gift from sephora which expired on the 24th, so i had to go claim my prize. i mean, it's the polite thing to do, and obviously having arrived at sephora one cannot just stick to the plan. i mean, that's not very creative. so i bought some stuff. and i'm happy with them, so so happeh!

tha main thing i was excited about was the guerlain meteorites perles in teint beige. i've been lemming this for a teensy bit. see, ever since i had these skin problems i have been obsessed with skincare and makeup i think. i researched these things on the internet and short of feeding your cats when you are not at home and folding your clothes it claims to do a whole bunch of miraculous stuff, like blurring imperfections and fine lines, reduce redness and more. 

i tried it in store, wasn't that impressed with it but i still wanted to give it a chance because the reviews are mostly all positive. tried it out yesterday and oh my god. i don't even know what the hell it did to my skin but i looked at myself while i was in the car and my skin looked amazeballs. i'm gonna do some more testing with this stuff, it is amazing so far but woah is it expensive for a few colourful cute balls in nice packaging.

said balls of glory.
more exciting than the guerlain meteorites however, is the book that i bought from mphonline a few days ago. it's the wreck this journal by keri smith!

dean just couldn't contain himself could he? lol.
now, what is this thing? 

this is the wreck this journal. it is a book that has illustrations and prompts that you must follow. your goal? to wreck the journal! it's really creative, and kind of crazy, and lots of fun. these are some awesome things that other people have come up with that i could find:

it's not really a book but an experience, as you have to do loads of questionable stuff to it to actually complete the instructions. i also find myself pushing myself more, like i tell myself not to be so predictable and boring and actually do something that i normally wouldn't. and best of all, it's up to me to do what i want! so everyone's book will be different. 

so far, i've spray painted my book to try to replicate stars, and i've flung my tea bag at the pages. i actually agree with the therapeutic part, i felt great haha. sometimes it's difficult because i feel so uninspired and i don't know how to make the pages exciting, but i guess that's half of the fun right there! i think this book will always be a work in progress and i'm always going to add things into it and make it uniquely mine. woo! if you want to read other reviews on this anti-journal, just google it. really.

and in doing this, i think i'm partly fulfilling my 2014 resolutions to do more! haha..suck it losers. :p i also got lost on the way to an interview the other day, but it wasn't as fulfilling as it looked on the internet because i was late and there was traffic and i was like fuck it but it was still awesome in its own way.

well, that's it for me. ta!

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