Thursday, January 9, 2014

my irresolute resolutions for 2014.

"fill your eyes with "

i think i can say with 100% certainty that i do not fulfill resolutions. ever. i make lists and then i look at them and try to do one or two then end up getting lazy and bored and...yeah. resolutions aren't really for me.

but that sure as hell never stopped me before haha. i like making lists, i just don't like completing them. and anyways, i need this post to look back on next year as proof that i did muck up my resolutions right? :p

so here are my 2014 resolutions which i will try my best to somewhat fulfill, even though a great scholar named yoda clearly said "do or do not. there is no try." heh, i bet you're the type to complete your resolutions right yoda? 

so. what'll it be this year huh? i've made a list here. see for yourself.

travel more and be more adventurous
yes, that's right. i want to travel more. this year i want to take the time to drive someplace where i've never been before. i'm the kind of person who's afraid to get lost, still am, but hey, i'll never get over this fear if i don't try right? 

do more. 
it sounds so simple. do more. yet it's something that i find i'm struggling with these past few years. i find myself always alone, lazy and in my own thoughts. i prefer sitting at home doing nothing than getting out there and taking care of business. and i can't do that anymore. i want to be the kind of person who does and not just dreams.

i want to finish my masters this year. i want to be more productive with my work and show people how passionate i am about what i do. i don't want to wait for things to come to me anymore, because it won't. so i'll do this for myself. 

i'll do more of everything, not just the serious work stuff. i'll play more video games. i'll read more books. i'll meet more people. i'll get more creative. i'll even care more about the people i'm around.

i'll do this!

healthy heart, healthy body, healthy mind.
my health isn't the best right now. i have the eczema thing to deal with, and i've been gaining weight because i sometimes feel so weighed down yet empty in my head that i'll sit in my room and do absolutely nothing. so this year i wanna change that, slowly. i want to eat better and healthier foods and eat less processed foods. i've actually been quite good at avoiding some bad foods like meggi and all that, but i'm really bad when it comes to junk food. they are my downfall.

so this year, i'm going to drink more water for the sake of my skin, exercise more for the sake of my body, and eat better food. i'm not gonna stop eating unhealthy foods though, i know i won't be able to, but i'm gonna eat them less maybe? sounds doable. 

i'm also going to think more positive thoughts, and channel my efforts into more positive things. i'm not going to be so self-conscious of myself and put myself down all the time. i'm going to be so positive people are gonna see sunrays shining out of my ass.

become more organised.
you mean make more lists? lol. i need to become more organised and neater and clean my room more and file my stuff better cos i'm honestly shit at that kind of stuff. i also need to de-clutter my space and life, i've got way too many clothes and shoes and whatnot, some that i don't wear often and don't like, some i can't fit into anymore, some that are so faded and holey that i should be shot if i wear them out again (those are the most comfortable ones though). 

so out those will go, so i can make more space for new shit hahaha yes!

become less introverted.
er, i don't know if i am introverted or simply weird, but i really prefer being on my own most of the time. attachments are so hard to maintain all the time, yeesh. this doesn't mean that i don't love and appreciate my friends, i love them to bits but a lot of the time i am content to be in my own company instead of others. but no more of this! i need to be friendlier and more open towards other people (i don't trust people lol). who knows, maybe i'll join a club or a frat or something like that.

a slave to the dollar no more. 
hello my name is anis and i am a shopaholic. i am. i buy so much stuff that i may or may not need with the little amount of money that i get every month. i prefer shopping to eating and filling my gas, true story. but this year i want to save more of my money on more meaningful things, like travelling or buying something i really need or have wanted for a long time i.e. a kindle so i can read more books and not have to lug around a hard copy with me (although i prefer actual books than e-books, books are not environmentally friendly yo) or an actual pc so i can play moar games muahaha. or even buy a nice cat tree for wally!

wally can live like an elf...
..or live like king arthur. fancy.
i also need to buy less makeup. god i think i buy too much makeup, but sometimes when i look at the stuff i buy i'm like, "i don't have this shade of blush do i?". it's maddening. i'm not saying i'm gonna stop buying makeup or anything, i just need to be less impulsive. buy only the stuff that i've wanted for a long time. or buy something that i feel like i really really want and would regret if i never bought it (like limited edition stuff y'know). i need to think before i buy. cewah.

capture more memories.
i'm sore of shit with a camera. i admit it. i'm always too lazy to take pictures of other people and too self-conscious to take pictures of myself. but i'm gonna try to change that this year, and become less camera shy maybe? honestly i just need to use my camera more, because it's just sitting there, doing nothing. it's sad and i don't like it. so i'm definitely gonna take more pictures of things (80% of these pictures are likely to be of my cat) and post them everywhere. woohoo. can't wait! (trying to psych myself up here haha)

aaaand...yeah, i think that's it! doesn't sound like too much, and doesn't sound too daunting. woohoo i am so gonna rock this year. 

have a nice day people! :)

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