Thursday, January 9, 2014

kickass things i loved in 2013

"the biggest of mistakes can be forgiven
but a snowball of little white lies will crush your hands"

happy 2014!
*gaily throws confetti and fluffy kittens everywhere* 

wait..we're, 9 days in huh? oh well. bananas and monkey farts.

anyways i wanted to round up the less-than-stellar year that is 2013. many things have happened this year, most of them bad, some of them good but meh it was an okay year. i'm seriously, seriously hoping though, that this year's gonna be kick ass. KICK ASS. okay? okay.


B E S T   M O V I E : 

i can't be expected to choose between these 2 movies, so i won't. i can't. you'll never get me alive. the best movies for me this year has got to be star trek into darkness and the hobbit: the desolation of smaug. i apologise for being so obvious and boring but it's the gospel truth. fuckkkk i even went and watched star trek all by my lonesome self, doesn't that say something to you? i squealed. in the cinema. all by myself. not even a trekkie. that's love folks. 

if it's not obvious why i loved these movies then let me say it again: SHERLOCK. okay benedict cumberbatch was in both star trek and the hobbit (and he was brilliant in both) and martin freeman was awesomer than a bunch of cupcakes in the hobbit. i love the book from j.r.r. tolkien and i can't wait for the hobbit: there and back again. 

this movie inspired me to look more evil.
this movie inspired me to love dragons. and drink lots of tea.
honourable mentions: the conjuring, catching fire. the conjuring, because horror is my jam, and peanut butter, and nutella. and catching fire because katniss kicks ass. (i could do without the whole love triangle though. that part's kind of boring. oops!)

B E S T   B A N D / M U S I C :

definitely, without a doubt, elbow. they're like a darker, more mysterious, british version of switchfoot. and i love switchfoot. i don't really listen to a lot of albums nowadays, i usually only like a few songs in one album, but i really like a lot of the songs in their albums. they have some pretty amazing, powerful music. some of my current faves now are: the long war shuffle, with love, mcgreggor, high ideals, and snowball. 

i first found these guys when i was randomly watching the trailer for left 4 dead, and the song got stuck in my head for a while. i never looked back...until i wanted to do this post then i actually did have to look back. (randomly, go watch the assassin's creed revelations trailer. that trailer got me into woodkid. good shit.) 

honourable mentions: hmm, probably fun. and the 1975. i like some of the songs from fun.'s album and i remember being into them early 2013. just discovered the 1975 a few months back but i do think they're amazing (the lead singer's accent is crazy cool haha).  

B E S T   F A S H I O N   S T Y L E :

this is also obvious. i am an obvious person. 

camo/army/whatever it's called style, fo'sho. i've pretty much locked myself into a box when it comes to fashion nowadays because all i wear are jeans and t-shirts with blazers or jackets. i was into bomber jackets for a while, then i was like, mehhhhh no. and i have been KILLIN' my doc martens cos i wear them so much. i even wear them to conferences, and interviews, and meetings. i am a silly little duck.

i also love anything with skulls on it. like, really. i do. skulls make everything look more badass. 

honourable mentions: baju kelawars. hahahaha. no but honestly, i have been living in these every day for the past year or more.  they are comfy, lightweight, they don't make me itch. they're like a body blanket, or a kain pelekat. i love them. i wish they made them in cotton or something though, cos my baju kelawars are fraying at the edges already.

B E S T   S K I N C A R E :

if it's not already obvious from my constant whinging and moaning, for the past 2 years i've been burdened with some severe skin issues like allergies, eczema and general fuckedup-ness. simply said, my skin's been going batshit crazy. i've found a few products that have helped tremendously in helping my skin go back to well, looking semi-normal at least. my skin's not back to the way it used to be, but it's highly unlikely that that will ever happen, so...yeah. pasrah.

upon careful reflection (lol), i've found that the product that have helped me the most with improving my skin is the physiogel hypoallergenic cream. i've tried a lot of brands before that, but i honestly think this one suits my skin the best. it also helps that i have a quite strict skincare routine nowadays, which is probably a bit long for this post, but i'll definitely post it sometime in the future.
thank you cream, for making me not look like a lizard.
it says to use this cream for the face and hands but i use it for my face and body. and it really has helped with making my face better and less itchy. some days i forego any other skincare steps like toner and stuff and just put this on and it's enough. woohoo for that!

B E S T   M A K E U P

i'm gonna have a separate post for this one, because i find that i'm entirely too comfortable to ramble on and on and on about makeup lol.

B E S T   V I D E O G A M E :

i regretfully did not play as many games as i wished i would in 2013. i don't think my laptop's advanced enough to play newer games really, because i'm currently playing assassin's creed black flag right now and it is laggy as fuck. so i mostly played a lot of older games like broken sword: the angel of death, call of duty: black ops II, far cry 3, and more. also, i installed skyrim in 2012, but i really got into it in 2013 because you know, it's a long game. i was worried that i'd get addicted to playing the game (this of course turned out to be true).

i haven't finished playing skyrim yet, i think i'm nearing the end for the main quest teehee, but i think that skyrim and far cry 3 would be my favourites for 2013. dead island riptide was also quite cool, because zombies, but the storyline wasn't exactly engaging, you know. the zombies though...i hated the infected (cos they be screaming like crazy and scaring the hell outta me) and ohmygod the butchers are friggin' scary yo.
things that scream while they chase you are a big no-no.
B E S T   D R I N K / F O O D :

the drink that i've been enjoying the most in 2013 was definitely tea. i drank loads of chatime. i slurped cups of chamomile, honey and vanilla tea earlier this year, and later on i got hooked onto vanilla tea. there's something very soothing about tea that i can't explain, not to mention it makes me feel very british lolz. now i only wish that malaysia had a wider variety of tea brands, because there are some awesome teas out there that i'd like to try for sure.

tea flavours like caramel almond amaretti herbal tea, raspberry rooibos tea , vanilla cola tea, and blueberry cheesecake aren't available in malaysia (and the shipping prices are quite pricey, for me anyways) and they make me wanna throw a hissy fit because i want to taste vanilla coke in the form of tea wtf. i also want to buy these cool teapots. because.

phwoah. so am i drinking squid ink? coo.
tea tastes better with a cute hairy monster smiling at you.
and most importantly i want this teapot. nay, i need this teapot in my life.
tardis tea! that would be amazing!
i dunno what kind of food i've been liking this year. i liked banoffee pie. good god just saying the name makes me crave it. i've also been loving quiche lorraine! i've also been making a lot of tauhu telur (egg tofu) which i really like. very simple recipe (hence why i chose to learn it) and very delicious and filling. and i've always liked nasik lemak. i think that's the food i'd miss the most if i ever lived outside of malaysia. mmm nasik lemak.

B E S T   B O O K : 

i also haven't read too many books this year. god, shame on me. i think all i've done this year is do shit online and sleep haha. but i've of course enjoyed my sherlock holmes books (i'm onto the second volume now, currently reading the valley of fear) especially since the answers are never how i'd imagine them to be. damn sherlock you smart. also, i've been reading (on and off) this incredible book which i picked up on a whim while grocery shopping a few months ago called we are anonymous by parmy olson. it's about the so-called organisation anonymous, and it's really an interesting read.
you know, these guys?
B E S T   P U R C H A S E   O F   T H E   Y E A R : 

now that is a huge shoe to fill. but i have to say that this product has been kicking ass since i bought it in the middle of last year, and i am sure glad i bought it. it's my shure srh440 headphones. this baby is so amazing that when i listen to my normal sad earphones i just feel so unfulfilled because the noise is not as crisp and like, awesome. haha.

you go shure, you go.
best part is the cord. why? because it's COILED. frickin' amazing. this means that when i'm wearing this i can go walk around in my room and do anything i bloody well please without disrupting my youtube/video/music experience. if you're like me and you have your headphones on 90% of the time then you need to invest in some good ol' coiled cable. thank you shure, you have served me well.

ah well. i think that's it for this post. (tbh it took me 4 days to actually write down this whole post because i was procrastinating so much hahaha)


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