Friday, April 29, 2016

the makeup use-up challenge 2016.

as i promised yesterday, here is a more detailed post on my current seemingly fruitless endeavor, which is the makeup use-up challenge. i first saw this challenge on youtube being done by a bunch of people, and i think it was started by the youtuber elle is for living? it seemed like an interesting challenge, and knowing that i really needed to focus on using products from my existing stash, i decided that i wanted to join the challenge informally. 

so for the past 4 months or so, i have selected a bunch of makeup items that i either want to use up, use more of, or give another chance before i throw them out. all of these items are honestly quite old items that i want to use up before they go bad, some of them i really do like and some of them not so much. 

now, i've looked at the list that i made last night, and have decided that i actually need to put in more lipstick products in there, since there were only 4 lip products and i already used 1 up yesterday haha. and seeing as how i dubbed 2016 as my "year of the lipstick" i think i kind of need to use up more of my lipsticks and slim down my stash. 

so here's the new list of items that i would like to finish/hit pan/get rid of (but only if i really can't make it work for me). this is A LOT of flippin' makeup to go through haha. here they are according to their categories:

face primers
- make up forever hd primer - green (old packaging) 
- laura mercier hydrating primer 
- benefit porefessional primer (deluxe size) 
- benefit that gal primer (deluxe size)

so the mufe and laura mercier hydrating primers are really old and full sized. they were purchased back when my skin was a hot mess. truth be told i hate the mufe one because it has a strong fruity scent and does nothing to help my makeup stay on. the laura mercier one feels nice, like a moisturiser. the benefit ones came in a set of three, the other one's girl meets pearl i think. i find these primers meh, so i'm glad i got the deluxe size instead  of a full one. :p

face bases
bare minerals ready foundation - r250 
revlon new complexion foundation - 05 medium beige 
laura mercier tinted moisturiser - natural 
too faced air-buffed bb creme - cream glow
collection lasting perfection concealer - 3 medium 
nyx above and beyond full coverage concealer - yellow 
marc jacobs re(marc)able concealer - 4 glow 
mac prep + prime highlighter - light boost 
mac studio finish concealer spf 35 - nw30
stila hydrating finishing powder
bourjois healthy balance powder

woah face base. these include foundations and concealers because i want to. hah. the shitty bare minerals one has been tossed. i don't really like most of these products, either because they are badly formulated or look ashy and too light on me. the marc jacobs and mac concealers i do really like. i'm currently using the revlon foundation. real talk though...i don't really use foundation nowadays. i mean, i really like look of bare skin and i've worked fucking hard to care for it hah. butttt (haha butt) i have these things, and so i shall appreciate them. because they be 'spensive yo. and for setting powders i have the stila and bourjois powder, currently using the stila one now, and lemme tell you it is neither hydrating nor mattifying, bah. 

blush / bronzer / highlighter
loving minerals blush - wild rose (sample size)
loving minerals blush - terracotta (sample size)
topshop cream blush - neon rose 
loving minerals blush - apricot (sample size)
elf matte bronzer 
mac mineralize skinfinish natural - medium deep
topshop skin glow - dark

in this category, i have 6 items. i have hit pan on 2 of these items, the elf matte bronzer and the mac msfn in medium deep. the msfn used to be my foundation or setting powder, but ever since i have been wearing sunscreen regularly my skintone has lightened to match the rest of my body lol and now it's too dark for me. so i use it as a bronzer and i actually really like it. the loving minerals blushes were purchased a long time ago. the colours are nice, but they're kind of messy. apricot did diddly squat for me, too light to be a blush but too dark to be a highlighter. terracotta is my favourite of the bunch and is nearly finished. only one cream blush which is neon rose by topshop, it's bright but blends nicely. not my favourite colour though. the topshop skin glow is a bit dark but still okay as a highlighter. it's a cream product and is kind of large, which is why it's the only highlighter in here. 

eyeshadows (cream and powder)
the balm batter up cream eyeshadow - grand slam pam 
maybelline colour tattoo - inked in pink
stila eyeshadow - sunset (from the in the light palette) 
nyx nude matte shadow - blame it on midnight
i decided not to be too adventurous with my eyeshadows since i rarely wear any nowadays haha. i went with 2 cream shadows, the one from le balm (as lisa eldridge calls it) is a darker taupe colour and the maybelline one is a bright and perky light pink. the stila eyeshadow i just randomly chose haha, but i don't plan to finish it since there's still a shitton left. just want it to show pan. the nyx one already has pan...because i broke it's a match for my eyelid colour so i hope i can finish this. 

bourjois contour clubbing waterproof - bleu neon 
bare minerals round the clock waterproof eyeliner - 7pm 
estee lauder artist's eye pencil - 08 slate writer 
nyx slide on eyeliner - esmeralda 
laura mercier eye pencil - black extreme 
topshop waterproof eyeliner - burnished 
inglot precision eyeliner - 40 
bourjois duochrome eyeliner - 59 violet rose 
d'herbs celak arab

sigh. eyeliners. i used to love eyeliners and use them in all shades and formulations. now i just use pencil eyeliner, and usually only in black haha. most of these eyeliners are coloured liners, like blue and green and purple duochrome. now i use them on the outer half of my top lid, cos anything else just looks weird on me. :\ the laura mercier and inglot ones are already really short so i can use those up easy. sadly none of these eyeliners work on my waterline, so for that i'm using my urban decay waterline pencil...the only one that works for my top waterline so far. :(

pupa diva's rouge lipstick - rossetto 
julie hewett cheekie cheek and lip shine - peachie 
benefit cha cha tint (deluxe size)
the balm stainiac - beauty queen 
clinique chubby stick - whole lotta honey 
elianto hydro lipstick - turf tan
clinique chubby stick intense - broadest berry
guerlain kiss kiss lipgloss - 462 violine 

ah, lipsticks, my new love. i included a bunch more lipsticks and a new lipstain because i used up one like yesterday so i had to update yesterday's post and whatnot. i included a lot of corals and orangey tones because i think my overall colouring suits these warmer shades better, even though i've yet to find a peach lipstick that looks great on me. so i have 3 corals, 2 nude shades, and 2 berry shades. honestly though, i feel like i should be including more berry shades since i have so many berry and purple toned lippies in my stash. takpe la nanti update lagi. bt-dubs, the guerlain gloss is the only lipgloss i currently own, woo. it was a gift from the saudi guerlain counter which my mom gave to me when she bought the guerlain double vanille spiritueuse fragrance for me (which is one of the most incredible smells a person could ever smell ever. it's the bomb diggity).

annnnnd that's it. i've lost count of how many items there are cos i kept on adding more. this is going to be ridiculous isn't it. but i look forward to the challenge, so wish me luck! 

p/s: if i have the strength to do so, i shall upload pictures of the items. haha.  

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