Thursday, April 28, 2016

where are you now?

first of all, woah justin bieber song reference. lol. so, like, hi internet. *shyly waves* i know i know, i've been awol. i tend to do that a lot. but i'm here now, just have some free time on my hands so i thought to myself "hey, it's been a while since i've ranted out my innermost desires and opinions onto the web." so here i am.

i won't bother with life updates, just because life hasn't been too scratch that, i haven't been too kind to myself these past few years. suffice to say, the past 5 years were probably the hardest time of my life. no lie. i got sick, i got emotional, i got demotivated, i felt like hell.

buuuuuut...those things are over now. i hope. so now rather than reflect sadly upon the past (which i sadly cannot change anyway) i will now focus on bettering myself and enjoying the time that Allah has given to me. i will take the failures and experiences that i've had in the past and remember to never do them again in the future, insyaAllah. i honestly think that i've become a better person now, so there's at least that right? *so much vagueness sorry, these experiences are still very embarrassing and traumatizing for me*

so anyways, this is just a new post to celebrate the new me. i'm gonna write another post after this about makeup. okay i have been OBSESSED with makeup as of late, more so than usual pulak tu. help me i need makeup rehab. gah!

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