Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey ho, let's go!

Shopping can be very tiring. Ask me, I'd know.

My mom shops a lot. My mom and her friend shop like maniacs. I love shopping, I do. But kadang-kadang penat la gak kot. Dulu my mom loved to go shopping for kain baju kurung. But now my mom and her friend go around town looking for abayas, which tells me nothing other than the fact that they're coping really well with this whole Riyadh thing, haha.

My mom just bought me some clothes, from Esprit. It was a 70% off sale, gila if we didn't buy anything right? :P

Then I have a new Kipling bag. The bag with the monkey! Very nice, not my usual style but I realize I have to grow up now so I just took whatever my mom thought looked nice. I quite love it now actually. :)

Then my mom went overboard by buying me a wallet...oh sori, salah nama. A bleeding wristlette, from DKNY. The Arabs call it Dikny. (Sebut Dee-Ke-Ni) Bloody patented leather or something of the sort. To me it just looks like a really nice, though very shiny, wallet. But it was also 70% off. Guh, the things sales do to women.

I love new things. But it embarrasses me when she buys me too many stuff. I feel like I'm taking advantage of my own mother. (Even though I don't ask for these things. And sometimes I beg her not to buy them. Sometimes I tell her I don't like the things she plans to buy me, so she'll stop. But my mother's a hard-head, she is.)

Hmm. Angelina Jolie's wearing leather pants, and they're shiny. Frikkin' weird.

I'm thinking of writing a story. Is that weird? Hmm again.

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