Monday, July 19, 2010

the desecration of belief.

when someone says terrorist, people will automatically think of a devout, bearded man or woman.
a MUSLIM man or woman.

it's everywhere now. muslims are terrorists in movies, in games, in novels.
muslims are evil, overly-devoted, fanatical, extremists.

what the hell is going on?
the people who are involved in these movies, these novels and such,
they don't know the first thing about islam.
these people judge, and think they know everything, and worse than that they fucking influence people to actually believe that muslims are terrorists. islam equals terrorism.

oh hello, total crap.
islam is a beautiful religion. we do not like violence. we do not tolerate racism, hatred, or inequality.
in islam, we're taught that muslim or non-muslim, we should love everyone equally. treat them with respect. listen to their opinions. all this jihad stuff, it's crap. we don't strap our bodies with explosives.
please, whoever thinks these things about us, please stop being stupid.

it's frustrating, you know. the 9/11 incident was this one huge colossal mistake made by supposedly
overly-devout muslims who thought death was the way to solve things.
do you know what other muslims thought of when 9/11 happened?
we were thinking, "oh my god. what kind of monster would kill innocent human beings?"

imagine having your religion desecrated. made fun of. insulted.
imagine having your people physically and mentally abused in non-muslim countries, simply for believing in Him.
please do not make fun of our faith. our belief. our standings. our God. we don't make fun of yours.

guh. now people who read this are gonna think that i'm an extremist.
nope guys. despite being the ridiculous arse that i am, i just want everyone to be treated with respect.

is that so hard to ask for?

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