Friday, July 30, 2010

thinking of you, summer.

i wish there were more summer days.

everything looks bright eyed and bushy tailed during summer. the trees are greener, the grasses grow taller, birds are singing love songs to the sky, and it's all very beautiful. everyone seems a bit more at ease during summer times, like they've finally, finally allowed themselves a vacation from their mundane lives, and that vacation falls during the summer.

i like how people from all over the world come to malaysia. they shop, they sightsee, they see the natural wonders of our land. i see them with huge curious eyes and hands that are always ready to take a picture. lots of pictures, in fact.

i like the clothes we get to wear during the summer. light, airy fabrics in bright colours and flowy fabrics that breathe easy, or white shirts that remind me of clouds and inadvertantly, cotton candy. short shorts for those who can wear them (or those who dare to wear them), and gypsy skirts or bohemian pants that look slouchy and free and so friggin' cool. then we pair these attires with flip flops and we're ready for the beach, even if we're not going to one any time soon. birkenstocks, crocs, ipanemas, they all come out during the summer time.

however, given the fact that malaysia does not have 4 seasons which means that it does not have a summer time, (because hello, it's summer all year long) i think all this current hype about summer happiness is sadly all in my head. in fact, malaysians wear flip flops around 90% of the time, and shorts aren't as sexy as i thought they were, because everyone's wearing them all the time now. light fabrics also turn out to be a bit of a nutter, because i'm tired of seeing everyone's bra through their sheer tops and t-shirts.

but i still like to think that it's the summer time now.
even if it's just in my head (and in other countries that are lucky enough to have 4 seasons).
there's a feeling to it.

perhaps it's called freedom. yeah, summer does remind me of freedom, with it's casual, easygoing nature.
summer also reminds me of happiness, and hot air baloons and vacations with the family and time well spent.
and relaxing music, or the steady thump of the bass in a beach dance song.

summer's nice. i think i like the summer time.

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