Thursday, July 15, 2010

wally, kau nampak macho lah.

harro. i am in malaysia now. pj to be exact.

all is good, because the weather is mostly average with rain in the evenings.
ah. i've missed you, rain.

right now wally, my now rugged looking cat is stalking my mom, intent on finding out everything she does. he doesn't remember me anymore because my brother took care of him the whole 2 months i was gone and wally, the traitor that he is, loves him more now.

my phone doesn't work except for receiving calls, because apparently the phone's screen thought it'd be funny if it suddenly went black and annoyed the hell out of me.

i haven't packed my clothes yet, because i have to take care of other stuff first, and my closet is actually (and i'm sort of ashamed to admit this) full to the brim with old clothes. i have to clear those out first before i enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and awesome looking closet. (and it's not like i shop like a lot a lot...ah long story)

ahhhh...malas mau tido.

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