Sunday, July 18, 2010

i don't need a soul to hold.

teh hijau rase seperti air rumput.
no offense, just saying.

tadi pergi tengok kelip-kelip dekat kuala selangor.
drive around 2 jam to get there (sebab jam je kl ni, ngok betul)
then bayar rm40. quite expensive, tapi my mom cakap ok la tu. penat kot mendayung.
...oh yeah, we had to ride a sampan (or perahu, tak sure la) to get to the darker parts of the river,
but oh man, there were thousands of them!

very cool. very cool.

also, qisha was being very cute.
she now can say loads of stuff now, even wally's name! woo wally! (random)
i just wish i had my camera, because qisha wearing a life vest is crazy funny, har.

nak terkincing la. (sorry.)

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