Wednesday, November 17, 2010

luke, i am your father.

it's eleven something something, and i am already sleepy.
see how work has taken a toll on my life?

uhh, so. i never seem to write anything interesting in here.
have i ever anyways? :\

i'm kinda broke nowadays. because i can't get the pay for my current job (end of the month baru dapat all of it) and my new job's not started yet, and i don't want to spend all of the cash my parents gave me because then i'll be really broke and then i will have to eat meggi.
but that might help with my diet, since i am all for being 'healthy'nowadays.
...okay maybe healthier. not healthy.

for a start, i exercise everyday now.
i don't eat rice all that much anymore, because you know, white rice ain't that good for you.
but i still snack. and that is a huge problem.
i've always been a snacking kind of person.
chips, cookies, canned fruits, random stuff. i love all of them. i think i'm addicted, oh no.
and as we speak, i stare guiltily at the packet of cookies i just bought today.
they're hell on the body, but they're delicious. i mean, i can't be super healthy can i?
that'd just be insane. hah.
:l aaaahhh fine i'll cut back on snacks.

i'm more than 10% sure that i smell like shit right now.
because i haven't showered yet after coming back from the gym.
ahhh no. must go shower. cannot smell self. will faint.

oh by the way, anyone who is anyone who is anyone i like should mosdefly watch man vs wild. or man, woman, wild. it's on discovery channel, and i think it's awesome.
basically these people are stranded in certain places (e.g desert, amazon, geddit?) and they have to survive for like, 3 days by themselves. they have to hunt for food, make their own shelters and whatnot, and do all the stuff they have to to survive. they have to eat stuff like crocodiles, snakes, worms, opossums (which people actually eat in normal situations, so ew). i like reality shows like this because they're informative and it's actually kind of awesome. i think if i were to get lost in a jungle somewhere i could probably, hmm..start a fire?
...well all the same i think from now on i'm always gonna carry a lighter with me. just in case. and some rope. and cloth. and food. and bottles of water.

yes i am crazy like that. ta!

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