Saturday, November 20, 2010

please don't get me rescued.

"one last time, i'll be strong,
but whatever you do,
please don't get me rescued"

so, because i can't go watch harry potter and the deathly hallows part one at the movies as of yet, i've decided to take matters into my own filthy little paws and buy the game. well, it's half blood prince, but you get what i mean. i'm just that excited, lol.

apart from my brother and me (or is it my brother and i? adoi.) i don't meet too many people who actually love playing games as much as i do. i mean, yeah some of my buddies do like playing those fifa soccer games and all that, but i honestly think those are mindnumbingly boring. sorreh.

i haven't met one actual person who's actually as excited as i am that the witcher 2 is coming out in 2011, or who can recommend some awesome fps games that i can totally get into. why? why is that? is it because my interests are totally boring or because everyone else is all grown up and stuff? :\

oh no.

oh god. i just scratched my nose and my hand totally smells like wally's litter. not the poo litter, the sand itself. it smells like apples. it's not like i didn't wash my hand thorooughly afterwards, it's just that i just cleaned and put new sand into his poo-box. the smell really sticks.
(unsure if this is a good thing or not, but won't elaborate any further)

i wonder what everyone's been up to.
i want to buy stuff. i have no gaji yet. i feel small and quite insignificant because i haven't got my gaji yet.
i need to buy a cooler master, because of my internet/gaming/laptop using addictions.
this is a new laptop, and it's already giving me a headache.
i need to buy some camel coloured pants to wear to work. you know, to jazz up my outfit. (becoz i so stylish la)

randomly (again),
people who have kareoke in weddings are sad, sad people. well, okay, at least if you wanna have tone-deaf people singing in one of the most memorable moments in your life you should be consider other people who don't want to even be associated to said tone-deaf people. jangan la pasang lagu kawin kuat-kuat. jangan la main kompang semangat sangat sampai kucing aku lari ketakutan. jangan la buat majlis malam-malam sampai pukul 12. ada orang mau tido paham taaaaak?
(end rant)

i am totally sending these people some hatemail. plus, i will not add them on facebook. never! (private joke)

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