Tuesday, November 2, 2010

there's an ant on my desk. yay.

hello people. how have you been?

it's been a while (a short while) since i've updated. so i guess some people (or none) are wondering what i'm up to now.

well i'm a research assistant at universiti malaya now. yay me for at least nailing one job! haha.
it's okay, the job doesn't entail much yet at the moment because i just started like, last week. some of my tasks include accounting, researching, doing surveys and all that. it's a major plus that i live so close to the university and the people here are friendly. so well, cool. ^_^

but i just got a phone call today from a qs consultant for a job interview. i applied like, 2 weeks ago. since i just got this job, i feel kinda bad going for other interviews. but you gotta advance anyhow, right? not my fault, right? :\

i don't know lah. pursue my masters or look for a job? which one would benefit me more? (both would la, you douche) no no wrong question. which one do i want? i'm kind of undecided because i haven't had any experience in both. and i know i need both. but working life's tough. but doing my masters might mean no moolah and no experience. but...but...butt, haha.

oh well. i shall discuss this problem with my dearly beloved parental units and see what they say. you should always listen to what your parents have to say. (i learnt this the hard way lol) because most of the time they end up being completely right and i'm left feeling completely embarassed. guh. i hate being embarassed.

uhm. i'm updating my blog from the office. is that bad? dah siap keje, ok la kan lepak?

...i'm so screwed. :\

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