Monday, December 20, 2010

but i'm still awesome.


i've been way too busy (read : lazy) to update this blog. as you all might not know, i've just started working at a QS consultant firm in damansara. it's pretty tiring, because i'm always unssure of what i'm supposed to and if i'm doing it right. so kena buat muka seposen and ask a lot of questions. yech.

i feel the insane urge to shop. i think this is because of the fact that malaysia is currently at it's finest season : the YES season. yeah, the year end sale in malaysia is pretty cool but it's actually a bore compared to what i've seen in saudi. those people treat shopping like a frickin' job.

but makes me get butterflies inside and all. and the best part is i can use my own hard earned money to shop, so i don't feel so...uh, guilty. hahaha.

i'm too tired to rant. and i don't have any ideas on what to say. nothing interesting ever happens to me anymore.

life is boring. meep. :(

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