Wednesday, December 29, 2010

woo hoo.

i really don't know why, but all the blogs i've been following seems to have been erased or lost, for some unknown reason. and i'm way too lazy to find them back. shiieeeettt.

i've also noticed that the font size i'm using is way too small, which can only mean that either blogspot messed up or i'm just getting older. yech.

my office got a one day vacation today, after all of that work we had to go through for the nkra project. from what i can gather, they're tenders for schools all around malaysia that needs renovation and upgrading works, so i do feel like i've accomplished something quite worthwhile, haha. well..anyways, i went to klcc today to try and find a way to get my watch repaired. no can do. arrrgh sometimes i wonder why warranties even exist. these people never let consumers user them anyways, grr.

oh, which brings me to my next point. i realllllly need to tone down on all the shopping. it's hard la tapi, because it's year end sale time kot. everywhere i go people seem to be carrying loads of shopping bags, and we women, we bond over these things. since i've become a total girl nowadays, i find it kind of awesome to shop because it de-stresses, you know? like, if i buy something i like, i'll have something to look forward to at the end of that day and it'll make me happy. i do think that this is quite materialistic, but it's not really that.

i stuff. not all stuff, so that means i'm still safe. but some stuff. :D and ain't i proud of it, ha.

i have been neglecting my video games. i suck because of that, i agree. sibuk sangat la. i barely have the strength to open my eyes at the end of each working day, so nak bukak laptop and hadap game lagi la tak larat. it requires FULL ATTENTION, which i can't afford to give.

i'm so sorry geralt. :( you're still one rad dude though man. salut!

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