Thursday, December 30, 2010

to beg and steal and lie and cheat.

uh, so. i'm at the office, and there are things i should be doing that are way more productive
than writing crap on my blog, but what the hell. live a little, right?


since the new year, two oh double one, is jut around the corner peeking at me like a perv,
i thought that it's only appropriate (and a bit expected) to have a post for my new year's

bah humbug i kinda hate new year's resolutions. i never remember them. i never do much
about them. i'm lazy like that.

buuuuuuut anyways, a list is in order! how am i gonna do this huh? hmm, let's give these
babies some division, because everyone should know i'm such a list freak.

(this is almost a lie. i do like lists, but not that much. i like making them, and writing them down using
sharpies of various colours with different styles of writing and...yeah. that reminds me. where are my
sharpies? where did they go?)

oookay. moving on. read after jump!



a) this year, i will try to be a better person than i was last year. i know that i have a lot of flaws, and i'm trying to improve them. i'm trying to be the kind of person who people actually like, instead of being the person people have to tolerate all the time. i don't know why, but i have this anti-social streak in me that makes me feel soooo awkward around people. :(

b) i have to tone down on the self-pitying statements. i have to stop feeling sorry for myself. i am who i am, and a lot of things about me can't be changed, so i have to live with who i am and love myself more than anyone else has ever loved me. happiness can only start when i open my eyes to see them, and i will do that, even if it means getting lasik surgery or squinting through one eye. ha.

c) i will have a heart, and i will use it.

d) i will try to improve all the relationships i have in my life. i love my family, and i love my friends. i'll have to let them know someway or another (in a macho way. hopefully) that i care about them and i wanna know how they are, but sometimes i tend to forget their birthdays or don't know what's going on with them because i'm self-absorbed and i have way too many things going on in my tiny half-functional brain.

f) i will be a better muslim. this, of course is a given, since i'm supposed to be bettering myself as a muslim like every single day, but i thought it should go up here so that i'd remember. (i tend to forget really important things).

g) i will go to the gym more often. mesti sihat mesti sihat. ohh hey, but i do go every day when i don't need to work overtime. what does that mean? that i need to work out longer? oh dear God, nooooo.


a) i will save more and spend less. i will not buy stupid little ridiculous things like cool accessories with funky writings on them, or stationaries i don't really need, or know, other stuff. :'p i do have an obsession with shopping as of late. (read: since birth) if i do want to buy stuff, i'm gonna have to work for it hard, so i can get loads of cash from OT. (mad sparkle in eyes)

b) i'm also gonna have to try and spend less on myself and more on the ones i love. like my family and friends. i have especially been thinking of buying stuff for my sister's kids because i really miss them (but i can't visit. there's a story here, but won't elaborate) and i wanna buy cute stuff for people and they're the only ones who will appreciate cute fluffy stuff! :P

c) i also made a promise to my pet...uh, yes. i am nuts. well i made a promise to wally aka the furry hurricane that i'd buy him some really high quality shampoo from aesop when i can afford it. saw it months ago when i was out shopping with mama, so hopefully wally can appreciate it. he never does, but..oh well. love is love.

(this is in red in case someone wants to buy anything for me, hahaha)

oooh. i like his part. i've been eyeing loads of things! :D

- eye treatment gel from clinique (necessity, tapi so bloody mahal)
- super city block from clinique (because i don't want to grow old and have a shitload of wrinkles and have skin cancer. plus this makes my skin glow, teehee.)
- benefit's benetint. thanks to the internet, i want this. and other stuff. aiyoh.
- ecotools/mac/elf brushes. because i want to. XP
- stuff from urban decay, too faced, the balm, etc. too many to name. yeesh.
- the witcher 2: assasins of kings cd. no explanation needed for something so freakin' cool.
- supercool headphones, hopefully from altec lansing. see why i have to start saving? nak yang mahal. hampeh.
- cooler master for the laptop. sebab i overuse technology like a mofo.
- ipod skins, hopefully from gelaskin. they're awesome. 
- wallster's aesop shampoo for pets and some of those treats in a can that he loves. if his vet actually doesn't run out of them i'll buy a shitload of it. 

hmm. that's about all i can remember. will edit and add more later. :P ta!

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